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I've locked myself out of my laptop!

By skeeter1060 ·
I used to be able to use my user name and password to access my laptop without any problem (this is a laptop that was purchased used as a birthday gift from my son). I used if for a couple of months then was very sick (I'm disabled and have numerous illnesses which require the use of a lot of different medications, which have an adverse affect on my memory). After not using the computer for about 2 months I decided to boot it up one day and play around with it. I could not, for the life of me, remember what password I had set up on it! I tried every password I could think of and after trying about 20 different combination's, I finally gave up and decided to try another day.
About 2 weeks later I was cleaning out my wallet and found where I had written down the user name and password for that laptop (when I first got it) and stuffed the note in my wallet. I was so excited, I got it out right away and put the information in, expecting it to boot right up! Instead I got a message stating that the computer has a security system that will not let me log on to the computer. I need to contact the administrator for further help. (I am set up as the administrator and the only user on the computer).
If anyone was able to get into the computer and check the darn thing out they would be able to verify my name and information and find my family pictures, documents, etc.
How do I handle a situation like this? Does anyone have any advice?

My second question is....why is it when you are set up as the Administrator and are the only one....are you constantly told you can't perform certain functions without Administrator approval? Is there any way to turn this irritating feature off?

Any advice on who to turn to for help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for all of the wonderful information you supply here, this site is a Godsend!

BTW-- When I was trying all the different password combination's, I never got this error message one time, it just kept telling me I had the wrong User Name or Password. I am wondering if the old owner had a security system installed on the computer (which they thought they uninstalled when they sold it), that may have kicked into security mode when I tried so many different passwords without success? The first clue I had that this security application was on the computer was the first time I turned it on (after trying so many times and failing) and trying only one time with the correct User Name/Password that I had written down. With this information, it should have booted right up, but the system may have reverted back to the information that was put in by the original owner? I don't even know who this is, as he bought it from a school teacher he was installing cable for and doesn't remember which customer it was! Is it possible for me to use the computer with my password and user name without any problem for a couple of months and then have a scenario like this force the computer to revert back to an old security system? I'm so confused.....

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RE:I've locked myself out of my laptop!

by Qtalker In reply to I've locked myself out of ...

Hi there I one's also had that problem and for that I've used a CD called I have the password. With this CD it???s possible to change your admin password directly it also has other features. If you type I have the password directly on Google you get allots of links where to download it. I hope this will help you out.
btw: I downloaded the one on brothersoft.com

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Thanks for reply

by skeeter1060 In reply to RE:I've locked myself out ...

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly....I will check that out and see if I have any luck with it. Thank you so much for the advice! :) Toni

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