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James Rant of the Week - Inconsiderate People

By JamesRL ·
Yes I skipped a week, so sue me....

Actually I was too steamed up last week to post this, now I can do it without the bile rising up and my face getting all red.

I believe in personal freedom. You should have the right to do what you want, so long as you are not impinging on the rights of others. Too bad some people just don't get the last part.

So I will take you back just over a week ago.

I've just arrived at a provincial park, in the "near north" around Sudbury Ontario. As I check in, I get a pretty direct bear warning - bears have been seen in the area you are camping in - please read the bear protocols in this park newspaper etc.

After I set up, someone across the road in the campsite opposite comes over to also warn us the bear has been seen two sites over.

So it wasn't a suprise I hear a bear in the night, and I was glad he passed through a clean site (mine) without waking anyone else.

I found out the next morning that he had stayed at a nearby site that had failed to heed the warnings and keep the site food free. They had been given a lecture, a warning and a bear information package. You'd think that it would sink in.

But that night, we found out that it hadn't. They'd been fishing that day, caught some tasty pikeral and cooked them up. Then they had heard about a presentation at the ampitheatre at 8:30, and they left their campground without cleaning up.

Well at 9 I could hear the commotion, and I and some of my fellow alpha males went to do what we are called on by the bear protocols to do; stand together, scare off the bear.

Only it seems this bear was in no way intimidated by us and he continued to trash the site.

The wardens eventually did drive off the bear with a paintball gun fill with rubber balls, but he didn't leave the area altogether, and we had some further encounters.

The offenders were lectured and made to pack up and leave that night.

What gets me is this. If we are sharing a space, you don't have the right to be reckless. Their behaviour endangered us all, including the bear, who I'm sure will be eventually put down.

Whats gets me is that even after a life lesson on the subject, these idiots were irresponsible enough and stupid enough to continue the behavior.

The roadways are similar. Too often I see people driving recklessly without regard to the others who are also on the road. Just the other day, I was cut off by someone who changed lanes right in front of me, causing me to brake hard. He didn't use signals, he barely paused as he moved one lane to the next and then in front of me. I honked of course, and that caused him to hit the brakes. Except of course his brake lights weren't working.

Now before you stereotype it, this was not some young kid in a souped up Civic, it was a white haired white male driving a minivan.

I'm sorry, if you want to play boy racer, don't do it on the public roads, find a race track or closed course somewhere.

The point of the rant is this; people need to pay attention to the impact that their actions have on others. There is no absolute freedom to be an idiot if you are potentially threatening the safety of others.


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Ever listen to "Car Talk"?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to James Rant of the Week - ...

It's a radio show out of Boston. Two brothers discuss car repairs and almost anything auto-related. They used to rant about the same driving behaviors that bother you. Then one day one of them had an epiphany.

"There is nothing I can say or do that will make these idiots change their ways. Further, it's not my job to try to change them. All I can do is accept that the roads will always be occupied by total idiots."

Apparently at least some of those total idiots drove to the campsite next to yours.

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by JamesRL In reply to Ever listen to "Car Talk" ...

I can and do drive defensively. I will even risk a ticket to speed away from erratic drivers.

The idiots at the campsite, its pretty easy to get the game warden's attention when a bear is spending half an hour at someone's campsite. I would have been happy to suggest some crown land sites (federal owned) where they could camp far away from anyone else, and if they chose to continue their stupid behaviour, there would be no one to come to their rescue.

The other thing of course is they had toddlers, who I felt sorry for. They could have been easily trampled by the bear or worse if they had food in their hands. Parenting licenses anyone?


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Sorry for the Bear

by GSG In reply to James Rant of the Week - ...

That poor bear has been conditioned that campsite = good food because of people like this. It'll be killed for sure. They are intelligent opportunists and are just doing what comes naturally.

I went to Yellowstone some years ago, and they were very specific about what not to do around bears, Elk, Buffalo, etc... but darned if someone didn't try to go up and pet the bull buffalo. "But he looked so tame!" said the tourist in the bloody bandages. Did I mention that it was breeding season? A big clue not to get near the thing is the strings of drool, pawing hoof, and swinging head. Dude was lucky he didn't get killed.

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The bear is the victim

by JamesRL In reply to Sorry for the Bear

I can pretty much predict the outcome. My uncle and grandfather both managed provincial parks, and some of my other relatives were bear hunters.

The bear was hundreds of yards from the border where the "wilderness" meets the campsites. He clearly had learned that campgrounds are easy pickings. He also learned how to open coolers, the brute force way, by knocking them over and jumping on the side until the latch burst.

I am convinced that bear was no threat to me. Thats why they tell you that if you think there is a bear, get out of your tent and face them. They don't normally attack humans but they might go through a human to get to food. If they feel threatened, cornered, or get themsleves tangled up in tent ropes etc., I would prefer not to be there.

I've worked around cattle all my life, and I'm still pretty careful with them. I've lead some pretty big bulls around by the nose, but you have to respect them as well. A buffalo I would treat like the meanest bull I've ever met, and give it a wide bearth.


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Like the man said

by santeewelding In reply to Sorry for the Bear

You don't have to outrun the bear. Just them.

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We live in a world without consequences.

by Fregeus In reply to James Rant of the Week - ...

James, I totally agree with you. Unfortunatly we live in a world without consequences. "Its not my fault, its the other guys fault!" We pass the puck more than we take breaths. Our political leaders do it, the stars do it, the rich do it, so everyone says "why not me". Everyone acts like the only thing that matters is themselves. They even act that way with their loved ones. No wonder no one wants to get married anymore.

Its a sad sad sad world we live in, my friend. Very very sad.


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Only at the surface...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to We live in a world withou ...

Unfortunatly we live in a world without consequences.

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What's on the surface...

by Fregeus In reply to Only at the surface...

...is the only thing people seem to be paying attention to these days.


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More like

by TonytheTiger In reply to We live in a world withou ...

we live in a world without consequences

misplaced consequences...

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I actually looked for your rant last week.

by OnTheRopes In reply to James Rant of the Week - ...

I'm glad to see you're hanging in there with them. You should get paid or at least get some swag. <br><br>

I absolutely agree with the point of this rant and am thankful that I'm not so much of an idiot that I don't get it. My rights end at your nose and vice-versa.<br><br>

<i>My</i> latest pet peeve is people in stores not making room for others to get by them in the aisle. Holy crap! In these days of plus size people and narrow store aisles just going to pick up a gallon of milk can be an angst ridden adventure.<br><br>

Maybe it's just me. <br><br>

Just so you know it, I'll be looking to sue if you miss another week. :0 <br>

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