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    James Rant of the Week – Inconsiderate People


    by jamesrl ·

    Yes I skipped a week, so sue me….

    Actually I was too steamed up last week to post this, now I can do it without the bile rising up and my face getting all red.

    I believe in personal freedom. You should have the right to do what you want, so long as you are not impinging on the rights of others. Too bad some people just don’t get the last part.

    So I will take you back just over a week ago.

    I’ve just arrived at a provincial park, in the “near north” around Sudbury Ontario. As I check in, I get a pretty direct bear warning – bears have been seen in the area you are camping in – please read the bear protocols in this park newspaper etc.

    After I set up, someone across the road in the campsite opposite comes over to also warn us the bear has been seen two sites over.

    So it wasn’t a suprise I hear a bear in the night, and I was glad he passed through a clean site (mine) without waking anyone else.

    I found out the next morning that he had stayed at a nearby site that had failed to heed the warnings and keep the site food free. They had been given a lecture, a warning and a bear information package. You’d think that it would sink in.

    But that night, we found out that it hadn’t. They’d been fishing that day, caught some tasty pikeral and cooked them up. Then they had heard about a presentation at the ampitheatre at 8:30, and they left their campground without cleaning up.

    Well at 9 I could hear the commotion, and I and some of my fellow alpha males went to do what we are called on by the bear protocols to do; stand together, scare off the bear.

    Only it seems this bear was in no way intimidated by us and he continued to trash the site.

    The wardens eventually did drive off the bear with a paintball gun fill with rubber balls, but he didn’t leave the area altogether, and we had some further encounters.

    The offenders were lectured and made to pack up and leave that night.

    What gets me is this. If we are sharing a space, you don’t have the right to be reckless. Their behaviour endangered us all, including the bear, who I’m sure will be eventually put down.

    Whats gets me is that even after a life lesson on the subject, these idiots were irresponsible enough and stupid enough to continue the behavior.

    The roadways are similar. Too often I see people driving recklessly without regard to the others who are also on the road. Just the other day, I was cut off by someone who changed lanes right in front of me, causing me to brake hard. He didn’t use signals, he barely paused as he moved one lane to the next and then in front of me. I honked of course, and that caused him to hit the brakes. Except of course his brake lights weren’t working.

    Now before you stereotype it, this was not some young kid in a souped up Civic, it was a white haired white male driving a minivan.

    I’m sorry, if you want to play boy racer, don’t do it on the public roads, find a race track or closed course somewhere.

    The point of the rant is this; people need to pay attention to the impact that their actions have on others. There is no absolute freedom to be an idiot if you are potentially threatening the safety of others.


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      Ever listen to “Car Talk”?

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to James Rant of the Week – Inconsiderate People

      It’s a radio show out of Boston. Two brothers discuss car repairs and almost anything auto-related. They used to rant about the same driving behaviors that bother you. Then one day one of them had an epiphany.

      “There is nothing I can say or do that will make these idiots change their ways. Further, it’s not my job to try to change them. All I can do is accept that the roads will always be occupied by total idiots.”

      Apparently at least some of those total idiots drove to the campsite next to yours.

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        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to Ever listen to “Car Talk”?

        I can and do drive defensively. I will even risk a ticket to speed away from erratic drivers.

        The idiots at the campsite, its pretty easy to get the game warden’s attention when a bear is spending half an hour at someone’s campsite. I would have been happy to suggest some crown land sites (federal owned) where they could camp far away from anyone else, and if they chose to continue their stupid behaviour, there would be no one to come to their rescue.

        The other thing of course is they had toddlers, who I felt sorry for. They could have been easily trampled by the bear or worse if they had food in their hands. Parenting licenses anyone?


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      Sorry for the Bear

      by gsg ·

      In reply to James Rant of the Week – Inconsiderate People

      That poor bear has been conditioned that campsite = good food because of people like this. It’ll be killed for sure. They are intelligent opportunists and are just doing what comes naturally.

      I went to Yellowstone some years ago, and they were very specific about what not to do around bears, Elk, Buffalo, etc… but darned if someone didn’t try to go up and pet the bull buffalo. “But he looked so tame!” said the tourist in the bloody bandages. Did I mention that it was breeding season? A big clue not to get near the thing is the strings of drool, pawing hoof, and swinging head. Dude was lucky he didn’t get killed.

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        The bear is the victim

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to Sorry for the Bear

        I can pretty much predict the outcome. My uncle and grandfather both managed provincial parks, and some of my other relatives were bear hunters.

        The bear was hundreds of yards from the border where the “wilderness” meets the campsites. He clearly had learned that campgrounds are easy pickings. He also learned how to open coolers, the brute force way, by knocking them over and jumping on the side until the latch burst.

        I am convinced that bear was no threat to me. Thats why they tell you that if you think there is a bear, get out of your tent and face them. They don’t normally attack humans but they might go through a human to get to food. If they feel threatened, cornered, or get themsleves tangled up in tent ropes etc., I would prefer not to be there.

        I’ve worked around cattle all my life, and I’m still pretty careful with them. I’ve lead some pretty big bulls around by the nose, but you have to respect them as well. A buffalo I would treat like the meanest bull I’ve ever met, and give it a wide bearth.


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        Like the man said

        by santeewelding ·

        In reply to Sorry for the Bear

        You don’t have to outrun the bear. Just them.

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      We live in a world without consequences.

      by fregeus ·

      In reply to James Rant of the Week – Inconsiderate People

      James, I totally agree with you. Unfortunatly we live in a world without consequences. “Its not my fault, its the other guys fault!” We pass the puck more than we take breaths. Our political leaders do it, the stars do it, the rich do it, so everyone says “why not me”. Everyone acts like the only thing that matters is themselves. They even act that way with their loved ones. No wonder no one wants to get married anymore.

      Its a sad sad sad world we live in, my friend. Very very sad.


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      I actually looked for your rant last week.

      by ontheropes ·

      In reply to James Rant of the Week – Inconsiderate People

      I’m glad to see you’re hanging in there with them. You should get paid or at least get some swag.

      I absolutely agree with the point of this rant and am thankful that I’m not so much of an idiot that I don’t get it. My rights end at your nose and vice-versa.

      My latest pet peeve is people in stores not making room for others to get by them in the aisle. Holy crap! In these days of plus size people and narrow store aisles just going to pick up a gallon of milk can be an angst ridden adventure.

      Maybe it’s just me.

      Just so you know it, I’ll be looking to sue if you miss another week. :0

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        I forgot to add something.

        by ontheropes ·

        In reply to I actually looked for your rant last week.

        I think that people shop the way that they drive.

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          All you have to do to confirm that

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to I forgot to add something.

          is watch the way they push the shopping cart around.

          They’ll drive it the same way they drive their cars.

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          Another thing, since we’re talking about carts.

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to All you have to do to confirm that

          I’m irked by people that just leave their carts out in the parking lot instead of putting them into the cart returns or, heaven forbid, returning them to the store. I’m not saying that I haven’t done it in the past but I’ve seen the error of my ways and don’t do it anymore.

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          That doesn’t get me as much as parking in the fire lanes.

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Another thing, since we’re talking about carts.

          One day some twit is going to be parked right in front of the door when I come out with about 800 pounds of groceries in the cart.

          “Oops, the cart slipped in that greasy spot right by the door…”

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          That’s a good one too.

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to That doesn’t get me as much as parking in the fire lanes.

          Making everyone go around so they can have a convenient parking spot. It’s like saying, “Screw you!”

          I remember an old friend walking right over the top of an occupied car that had just parked in a no parking zone right in front of us. Too funny. He’s a big dood so he got away with it. I’m often tempted to do the same thing.

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          What goes through your mind?

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to That’s a good one too.

          Seriously, is anyone out there willing to own up to doing this? What goes through your mind?

          “Hey, I’m only going to be a few minutes so it won’t matter if I block the door?”

          “Why should I park in a marked space just because there aren’t any close to the door?”

          “I’m better than the rest of you so I’m entitled to park where I wish?”

          I’m quite serious here; how do you justify this inconsiderate behavior to yourself?

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          I don’t have to justify it to anybody

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to That’s a good one too.

          If I want to do it, I’m gonna do it.


          I’ve called people on this using “stupid” in the calling.

          “I’m not stupid!”

          “It’s gotta be stupid. I [u]know[/u] your mama didn’t raise you to be that selfish.”

          I don’t think it would work anywhere else, but here in the South, it still has some impact.

          edit: Of course, I’m 6’5″ and 250, so not too many people push it, either. 🙂

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          Palmetto: Problem with your question

          by notsochiguy ·

          In reply to That’s a good one too.

          Your question presumes that you’re dealing with rational people; and that they can justify their actions in some manner that makes sense.

          Most of the same people that drive/park/act like twits are the same ones that will fly off the handle for the slightest perceived offenses. Elevator doesn’t quite make it to the top floor. For instance, there was an incident recently in town where three Cubs fans beat up a White Sox fan for a disagreement over which team was better (and really, 1 championship in about 200 years of organized baseball between the two…not a whole lot of chirping to be done on either side of town, if you ask me); and one used a steel-toed shoe to kick out his eyeball. By all accounts, these are the same 4 people that would be join in unison “Grossman Sucks” in about another 2 months.

          I call these people ‘Functional Fools’, in the way you’d call someone who can’t read, but holds down a job a ‘Functional Illiterate’.

          Unfortunately, surf cable/satellite television enough, and you’ll see that it pays more to be/act the fool than it does to actually conduct yourself with a modicum of respect.

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          The strangest one I’ve seen

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Another thing, since we’re talking about carts.

          A female pushed her cart from the back of the car [u][b]past the cart corral[/b][/u] to the front and left it there.

          I said something and was “saluted” for my trouble. Told her 5-year-old, “Don’t forget to tell Daddy that Mama’s a stupid b|tch.”

          I often wonder if he did…would have liked to have seen it! :^0

          edit: [u]runaway[/u]

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        Why thanks

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to I actually looked for your rant last week.

        I am not on staff, don’t get paid, but I can always use more swag……

        So don’t sue me – you can’t get much in Canada anyway.

        My narrow isle beef is at the local walmart. I try to avoid it but sometimes its the only place open when I need something. We have other 24 hour grocery places close by but not other goods.

        They renovated the place, and they tried to fit in more checkouts. I frankly don’t know why since they never occupy them all or even half of them when I’m there. But in doing so, they narrowed the aisles between checkouts and you can’t fit two carts side by side even though you need to.

        And speaking of inconsiderate people, we alsway get people who try to sneak in the line. Or people who send one of their friends in line with a couple of items while they get dozens more – their friend gets in line and saves the spot.

        I hate waiting 20 mins in line. I have actually left a full cart after 30 minutes.

        One of my similar shopping peaves happened a year ago or so. I saw an ad for an MP3 player, and wanted one for my son. I saw it and they had the ad on a placard. But when I went to chekout, the computer didn’t have it. No big deal in most places, they send someone to check. This person wouldn’t and expected me to cave and pay full price. I had also about 100 dollars of CDs and movies. She wouldn’t budge so I walked away. I was tempted to turn around and grab the sign and bring it to her.


        • #2921249

          More unused checkout lanes…

          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to Why thanks

          applies to bank teller windows, too. Between the stores I shop at with more empty checkout lanes than staffed, and the banks with which I do business with more empty teller windows than staffed, I am spending far too much time just standing in some endless line twiddling my fingers waiting to complete a transaction.

          Is it any wonder that retail and banking in the US are reviled?

      • #2921248

        not being able to get through the aisle…

        by boxfiddler ·

        In reply to I actually looked for your rant last week.

        don’t even try to ‘ahem’ or say ‘Excuse me, please’. They just glare at you like you’re intruding into their private little heaven.

        edit: let’s add the nit that pushes his/her cart so hard into your ankle or lower back that you have to catch your breath from the pain, then can’t even be bothered to say ‘oops, sorry’.

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      Some people never learn

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to James Rant of the Week – Inconsiderate People

      Having grown up in Minnesota and spent summers in the north state, I’m quite aquainted with what you’re saying. I spent three summers while in high school working for an outfitter in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, the Superior National Forest in northern Minnesota and the Quetico Provincial Forest in Ontario. The only way in and out was by canoe and all those entering had to register with an oufitter and the Canadian government if they intended to cross the border. All persons were advised and warned about bears and moose. We always hung our food packs in a tree to keep the bears out and also had to hang our paddles lest the beavers get to the sweat stained handles and gnaw them off for the salt content. No weapons were ever allowed but there was a report of someone shooting a moose or bear and many returnees with short paddles and ripped up packs from leaving them where the bears could get to them on a weekly basis. Repeated warnings never seem to sink in. Here in California, the bears will rip the doors off of your car to get to food inside despite food lockers being provided. Trash bins are chained down and have locking lids to keep them out but someone always leaves something out and pays the price. Many a campsite has been thrashed but luckily no one has been harmed. Will they ever learn?? I doubt it. They will always be destined to pay the price for their ignorance and arrogance.

      • #2921172

        Hanging the food packs in trees!

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to Some people never learn

        We lived in Nevada in the mid-70s, and often went camping in the mountains of southwestern Utah. On our first trip up there was in the old family tent, and coincided with the opening of deer season. My mother was worried about bears and our sleeping in a tent. Not long after we settled down for the evening, Mom said, “We don’t have to worry about bears. All the deer hunters are hanging their kills from the trees. If there were bears, the hunters would take their deer home and not stay overnight.” After a few moments, I asked her, “How do you know they aren’t hanging the deer up as bait?”

        The next trip was made in a Winnebago.

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      welcome to the real world ?

      by highlander718 ·

      In reply to James Rant of the Week – Inconsiderate People

      Where did you live until now 🙂 ?
      These kind of actions we can see all over the place. In my neighborhood, I see people letting their dogs run freely without leash and without the mussel, while kids are playing in the same area. The standard answer of course is that they don’t bite. I think that’s what they all say until one day, the dog does bite.
      Or leavig the dog feces on the road, or making noise in the middle of the night, playing your music loud in the bus, keeping the bus door open for one person that is late, so eventualy 20 others can be late as well …. oh, there are just so many.

      • #2921161

        Don’t spoil our fantasies.

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to welcome to the real world ?

        We thought the Swiss were civilized. Don’t tell us you have the same idiots as the rest o us 🙂

      • #2921158

        just this week

        by highlander718 ·

        In reply to welcome to the real world ?

        I read that I guy was killed by a bear in a fairly large Romanian town. Apparently the bears were used to come to this particular spot, people used to leave food, it was actually an attraction, tourists were coming on purpose, to film the bears.
        This guy had a few drinks to many and not sure if he wanted to get closer to the animals or the bears just didn’t like the smell.
        Anyway, you guessed right … they blamed and shot the bear.

      • #2921147

        I grew up in the countryside

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to welcome to the real world ?

        Where people looked out for each other.

        Its true I’ve lived in the city now longer than the country, but its a small group of people who spoil it for the rest. Its just when its bears, it takes it to a new level.

        I took our dog camping. We clean up after her, they have an off leash area for them.

        Most dogs don’t need a muzzle, if they do, they shouldn’t be with people.

        The advise about dogs and bears was funny. They suggested do not let your dog off leash with a bear around -the dog may nip at the bear and the bear will then chase the dog, and the dog will likely run straight back to you. I can picture that.


        • #2921139

          Good dogs ?

          by highlander718 ·

          In reply to I grew up in the countryside

          well, you see, the debate was sparked by a few (not one) instances in the area, when some dogs that normally were the friendliest in the world, suddenly for I don’t know what reason got nasty and killed some children, in some cases the ones in their own household …. Now, maybe the kids pulled their tails, that I don’t know, but they are kids.
          Some dogs are just to big to be around kids, they maybe want to play, jump on the kid …

          I really had the same impression about dogs, until I learned about the killings. By the way, they were not pit-bulls.

        • #2921128

          Dog ownership

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to Good dogs ?

          Dog ownership is a responsibility, just like having a kid. You are responsible to raise the dog and train it properly.

          A well trained and socialized dog is not prone to bite, even when provoked. Too bad many dogs are not well trained.

          My dog, you can take food out of its mouth, and even my youngest could when she was a toddler. She understands the kids are ahead of her in the pack.

          I worked around animals on nearby farms growing up, and I worked for the humane society, often with “bad” dogs.

          As a rule, you should never let a dog jump on someone. Even if it looks playful, its a dominant behaviour, and you do not want a dominant dog.

          In my experience, it isn’t the breed of the dog that matters most, its the training and environment. The problem is that if badly trained, pit bulls have the potential to do more damage than some other dogs.


        • #2921123


          by highlander718 ·

          In reply to Dog ownership

          Of course, many dogs are trained and owners responsible. I was giving another example of irresponsible people (in this case some dog owners). I don’t think the parents of an injured child are Ok just because MOST of the dogs are or should be well trained …

        • #2921122

          But who do you punish

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to agree

          Should all dogs be banned if some owners are stupid and irresponsible?

          We did have someone charged in Ontario with criminal negligence causing death for allowing their dogs, who had a history of unprovoked attacks run free, where of course they attacked someone.


        • #2921384

          From my point of view …

          by highlander718 ·

          In reply to But who do you punish

          I never said banned, but on the leash and/or with a muzzle. There should be special well delimited areas/parks where they can run free.

          On the other hand charges come always to late in these cases …. I’m sure the parents of a mauled child are not impressed by charges.

        • #2921311

          Don’t get me wrong

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to But who do you punish

          I am sympathetic to those who get mauled and their family. But its a small fraction of dogs who bite.

          We do have leash laws here, if your dog is running free, it can be taken in. We had a previous dog who just loved to run away, and we were fined numerous times. She wasn’t dangerous, didn’t matter.

          We also have leash free park areas – and we find that the dogs that go to those parks aren’t the problem – they are generally well socialized. The dogs that bite are not well socialised dogs – they aren’t used to people and other dogs and they bite out of fear or agression.


        • #2920976

          My last dog would bite.

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to I grew up in the countryside

          A cocker spaniel / terrier, Benji-looking little mutt. She was as sweet as she could be with not a malicious bone in her, but the terrier side of her really enjoyed a good roughhousing. She’d chew on my wrist or ankle leaving long welts, all the while looking up with huge brown eyes that said, “Are we having fun or WHAT?” We both enjoyed the game immensely but when asked, “Does she bite?”, the answer was always, “Yes.” The better she liked and knew you, the more likely she was to attack at random. She regularly tore my father to shreds.

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      One of my peeves on the road

      by tink! ·

      In reply to James Rant of the Week – Inconsiderate People

      is when someone pulls out in front of you, and it’s perfectly clear of traffic right behind you. But Noooo, they had to get in front of you!

      Also when someone pulls out in front of you only to slow down to turn off a couple moments later.

      • #2920985

        Related to…

        by boxfiddler ·

        In reply to One of my peeves on the road

        the slower than snail slime driver in the fast lane, who, once you decide to pass on the right decides s/he had better speed up. Until, of course, you drop back in behind him/her to get around the big rig driving slow in front of you now.


        • #2920974

          Okay, I gotta disagree with this one.

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Related to…

          I can’t remember ever seening a ‘slow’ driver in the fast lane. I’ve seen drivers doing the speed limit in the fast lane; is that what we’re calling slow?

        • #2920972


          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to Okay, I gotta disagree with this one.

          through Tennessee and Arkansas I see a lot of drivers in the ‘fast lane’ doing anything from 5 to 15 miles below the speed limit. Amazes me that some of these people get where they’re going alive.

          I once saw a bumper sticker in Nashville (the home of eternal road construction) that read: [i]Pray for me, I drive in Nashville[/i]

        • #2921286

          “FAST LANE”

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Nope….

          Can you take a picture of that sign for me, I want one for my room.

          I have yet to see a FAST LANE sign. I have seen many signs saying “Slower traffic keep right” but nto one for a fast lane. IN BC we have HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes. NOt really high occupancy but most are designated for cars with 2 or three people in them (single drivers get ticketed) and are SUPPOSED to encourage commuting as the lanes are usually quicker during ruch hour “usually” being the operative word of course.

          Even those special HOV lanes are not designated as FAST lanes and the speed limt is identical to that of the other lanes.

          I don’t drive teh speed limit on most highways, I always top it a bit but there are ALWAYS people who drive right up on you and expect you to speed up or get out of teh way. I like these people, I no longer require a radar detector (which will get you a fine in BC), I just get into the right lane and “send out the probe!”

          These guys are great, always useful for finding hidden speed traps, yuo can easily speed along behind them and they will pick up the fines along the way for you.

          I prefer to drive the speed of most other traffic, if I am unable or unwilling to do so, I will allow others to pass but for the most part I don’t even look at my speedometer, I just drive the same speed as everyone else, unless of course people are dragging arse, in which case I’ll pass them, whether on the right or left.

        • #2921267

          As it appears…

          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to “FAST LANE”

          that folks know what I’m talking about when I say ‘fast lane’, I’m going to assume you are just feeling extra persnickety today. :p

        • #2921264

          It’s going to be “p”, everybody

          by santeewelding ·

          In reply to As it appears…


        • #2921257

          Letter of the day…

          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to As it appears…

          is then, obligate? 😀

        • #2932430

          Only the edge of the thing

          by santeewelding ·

          In reply to As it appears…

          If there is an edge.

        • #2932427


          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to As it appears…

          the edge between adverb and adjective. It’s a sharp edge. I know because I walk barefoot a lot.

        • #2932315

          That’s why it isn’t called the fast lane anymore though

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to As it appears…

          They used to actually call it a fast lane, or through lane, but that is no more because it encouraged people to drive faster than those in the right lane.

          So there was a reason behind my ‘persnicketyness’. 🙂

        • #2932569

          Hoist by my own petard.

          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to As it appears…

          Should have used that ‘anything’ word.

          etu, particularly the afterthought usual

        • #2920935

          The signs say

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Okay, I gotta disagree with this one.

          “Slower traffic keep right.” As it was taught to me, if somebody wants to pass, you are slower traffic [u]regardless of actual speed[/u].

          I’ve been working on a couple local politicians (who shall remain nameless, but you probably know them both!) about passing a $500 fine for being passed on the right. They were not initially receptive, but started listening when I pointed out the possibility of substantial transfer payments from Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida drivers.

          I don’t expect it will ever happen. Look how long it took for SC to get a seat belt law with anything resembling teeth, even though I think seat belt laws are bogus. (IMO, the only laws regarding seat belt use should cap the insurance companies’ payout if seat belts are not used.)

          And I’ve seen drivers in the fast lane moving at 10-15 mph under the posted limit. Get out on I-20 westbound at rush hour between 378 and 6. There will be at least one out there at 55 in the 70 zone, with a mile of clear lane in front of him…

          Are they inconsiderate? Yes, but I don’t think it’s intentional; they’re more stupid than anything else.

          edit: punc.tuate

        • #2921586

          The other signs say

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to The signs say

          “Speed Limit 70”, or less. If we’re in it for fund raising, you can catch a whole lot more people ignoring the ‘speed limit’ signs than the ‘keep right’ ones.

          I-20W? If I’m between 378 on the Lexington side and I-77, I’ll take my chances in fast lane. I don’t know what idiot restricted truckers to the right two lanes; must’ve been Lt. Gov. Leadfoot. I’d rather get run over by an SUV for driving 60 in the fast lane than by an 18-wheeler for doing 60 on the right. Why would anyone require truckers, the traffic most likely to be going through town, to compete with those merging, getting off, or attempting to obey the limit? Ask Jakie that one next time you see him.

        • #2921400


          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to The other signs say

          I can usually make better time on that stretch of road by staying in the right lane. Even during peak hours, that right lane stays empty until you get to Broad River Rd.

        • #2921315

          NJ has the best idea

          by tink! ·

          In reply to The other signs say

          A separate highway for truckers.

          I was not of driving age at the time we lived in New Jersey, but driving (er..riding)to the airport and New York (alot)I remember the highways had a truck lane that was completely separated from the car lanes. Basically a parallel highway for trucks. Very nice.

        • #2921307

          I’ve wondered about that on occasion.

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to NJ has the best idea

          Maybe reserve a lane for through traffic only. You get a ramp to it just before you hit town, with no exits until you merge back with everyone else on the other side.

        • #2921300

          We have reserve lanes in Ontario

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to NJ has the best idea

          For carpools (2 people per car) and buses.

          In California they have the same thing, but they allow hybrids to run in them too. Traffic still doesn’t move…

          The big complaint in the carpool lanes is that some people do the speed limit and have drivers flashing their lights at them. This presumably is non rush hour when the right lanes can do the speed limit as well.


        • #2932297

          HOV lanes here

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to NJ has the best idea

          Same thing though, depending on the lane (Trans Canada/Hwy1 is 2 people minimum and Hwy99 is 3 and motorcycles are okay in either) it just crawls at rush hour. It was originally installed as a city bus lane, but then grew into an HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane.

          People get busted all the time as the lanes are quite often monitored by police for ‘under’ occupied vehicles.

          The speed limit is still the same though and, in many cases, it is faster to take the “slower” lane beside it.

          As for peple driving slower when the lane isn’t busy, happens here too, but yuo can pass on the right without issue as the HOV lane is considered independant, the left ‘normal traffic’ lane is considered the left lane for passing. So a car leaving the HOV to pass on the right is legally passing on the left of other ‘normal’ traffic.

          A big problem here is people driving alone in an HOV lane and then coming to a stop in order to merge over and avoid the RCMP’s HOV lane checks.

          Accident after accident because people think they can drive a lot faster in a HOV lane, but the posted speed limit doesn’t actually change, people just drive more recklessly and dangerously close, esepcilly when they are doing 120kmph+.

        • #2932293

          They’re rebuilding I-20 through Augusta right now

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to NJ has the best idea

          They’re also fixing the major interchanges. When finished (July 2010), I-20 will be three lanes wide, with collector/distributor lanes at the I-20/I-520 interchange.

          I’d like to see through lanes and local lanes. If you’re going to Augusta, you take the local lanes; if you aren’t, you get to whistle right through without dealing with an exit. I think they should do this as much as possible in urban areas.

        • #2921421

          In Ontario, tickets for NOT speeding

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to The signs say

          There is an Ontario law about not impeding the flow of traffic, and one of the uses of it is to punish people driving slowly in the left hand lane. You can be fined for driving the limit in the left lane.

          In fact someone sought to challenge the law and they had 2 people drive beside each other on a 2 lane divided highway at the limit. They were looking to go to court, they did and they lost.

          Once a year or so, the provincial police have a blitz where they crack down on left lane bandits. The basic idea is that the left lane is for passing, and if you are blocking it, you are denying people the chance to pass.


        • #2921331

          In that case,

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to In Ontario, tickets for NOT speeding

          if I move over, could I be charged with aiding and abetting? I wonder if they tried that defense.

        • #2921313

          If I recall correctly

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to In that case,

          As they were travelling side by side and blocking both lanes of traffic, at the speed limit, for about 20 miles, they were both charged. There was about a mile of cars backed up behind them, and the OPP had to come up the shoulder.


        • #2921303

          James, that’s ironic.

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to In that case,

          During the 1970’s gas embargo, many states had highway patrolmen doing the exact same thing to keep people from speeding. California basically ran state-controlled convoys from LA to SF behind CHP cars.

        • #2921282

          Its on the books in many US states as well

          by locrian_lyric ·

          In reply to In Ontario, tickets for NOT speeding

          I worked for six years in the traffic safety dept.

          The laws, may seem contradictory, but they go in order of precedent.

          The law that takes precedent is the one most closely related to safety at the time.

          IF the flow of traffic is 60 mph and the speed limit is 55, and you are going 55 in the left lane, you are creating a traffic hazard. Traffic hazard is defined as any object impeding the flow of traffic as to cause other drivers to correct their courses in a method outside of standard driving practice.

          Or, to put it simply, the normal flow of traffic is slower traffic to the right, faster to the left. This is because of the location of the steering wheel and the ability of drivers to see.

        • #2921261

          Not exactly, it doesn’t allow you or others to speed

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to In Ontario, tickets for NOT speeding

          The impeding law does NOT allow you to get a ticket from stoppign others from speeding. It ONLY allows the police to cite you for slowing or impeding traffic from moving at the posted limit, not above it.

          I have yet to see a case of impeding traffic where the person was doing the speed limit and the fine was imposed after it was disputed.

          IF your vehicle is impeding traffic by either stopping them from passing, or unable to do teh speed limit that fine can be applied. It was actually put in place to stop slow moving semis, work equipment, farm tractors, wide loads etc. from using the left lane.

          It is not there to allow people to speed in the left lane though. If there is room on the right and you are not allowing traffic to pass AT THE SPEED limit, you can be fined for impeding teh flow of traffic. Again though, I have yet to see one fine actually stick if disputed.

          From the UBC Law Library: “Impeding traffic is typically defined when not operating a vehicle reasonably, so as to block the normal flow of traffic. It typically is used in cases where a person is blocking an intersection or driving too slow and causing a log jam. Laws vary by jurisdiction, but are generally follow a standard of “reasonable operation”. The following is an example of a state law governing impeding traffic:

          “Impeding traffic.

          No person shall drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law or except when the vehicle is temporarily unable to maintain a greater speed due to a combination of the weight of the vehicle and the grade of the highway. ”

          Many people think that when the flow of traffic is faster then the posted limit, you are impeding that traffic when not also speeding, which is false.

          The reality is, as defined in the laws, unless you have a valid reason for driving SLOW or causing a back up, you should be driving in the right lane for SLOWER MOVING TRAFFIC. In most places, you cannot insure a vehicle that doesn’ do the speed limit, farm vehicles have special classification to avoid that issue and are allowed to drive with two wheels across the shoulder.

          But as long as you are doing the speed limit, and are not unneccesarilty slowing other vehicles, you can drive where yuo like, left lane or right.

          I know, you’ve seen someone get a ticket for driving the speed limit, but HAVE you really?
          Driving a normal automobile at the speed limit? I would really doubt it and if so, I am sure there was another reason for the car being pulled over.

          Did he take it to court?

          If not, why not?

          The cop would never show just knowing that doing the speed limit (during perfect conditions) is always legal, no matter WHO is behind you.

          I’ve heard the myth, and only RARELY is it really the case. I’ve seen it with farm vehicles, I’ve seen it with beaters that couldn’t DO the speed limit but not for someone doing the limit. No judge will follow through with a fine because yuo were NOT speeding, if they did, ANY other judge would overrule it.

        • #2932423

          It is not about the speed, but

          by the scummy one ·

          In reply to Not exactly, it doesn’t allow you or others to speed

          it is about impeding traffic. That is why there are (from what I know) no impeding traffic laws that state a speed!

          Is it not legal there to pass going 5-10 MPH faster? Passing rules are to speed up to pass, and usually allows for a gain of at least 5 MPH.

          Also to note: Laws for impeding traffic were likely passed for safety. Often when someone is stuck behind a slow poke for too long, they take ‘extra risks’ to get by, sometimes causing an accident.

        • #2932314

          As with James’ example

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Not exactly, it doesn’t allow you or others to speed

          It is an issue of impeding traffic. Two cars purposely driving side by side while holding up others is impeding traffic. Their issue of proving a point was lost completely, they didn’t proce it was illegal NOT to speed in any way shape or form though.

        • #2932138

          Left lane depends on the State or country

          by ic-it ·

          In reply to Not exactly, it doesn’t allow you or others to speed

          “But as long as you are doing the speed limit, and are not unneccesarilty slowing other vehicles, you can drive where you like, left lane or right.”
          Washington State has a law (likely rarely enforced) prohibiting “cruising” in the left lane.

          Sometimes there is a unless going the speed limit clause, here is a summary of States(up to date?).

        • #2921259

          Can you dig it up?

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to In Ontario, tickets for NOT speeding

          Do you have access ot alaw library in Ontario? Can you dig up and post that law or outline exactly where it states that impeding a speedingn vehicle is cause for a fine?

          If such a case was to stick in Ontario, which would be by a far raching judge for sure, then I would see it through, i am sure you couldn’t find two judges willign to break the law.

          As for the two people impeding traffic, I promise thyere was more to it than mere speed, there ALWAYS is but if they are trying to prove a point, they will only focus on that one point just to get everyone to believe they were correct. If they had been pulled over for going 4 KMPH below the limit, they will say they were doing the limit etc.

        • #2932425

          Took a little effort

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to Can you dig it up?

          These is the exact case I was mentioning.

          Here is the text of the law:

          “147. (1) Any vehicle travelling upon a roadway at less than the normal speed of traffic at that time and place shall, where practicable, be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right hand curb or edge of the roadway. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 147 (1).


          (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to a driver of a,

          (a) vehicle while overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction;

          (b) vehicle while preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway; or

          (c) road service vehicle. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 147 (2).”

          Normal Speed of traffic can and has been seen as above the speed limit.


        • #2932310

          That doesn’t say it is illegal to drive at the speed limit.

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Can you dig it up?

          the case you cited was two people driving PURPOSELY side by side and impeding traffic.

          They were NOT cited for driving the speed limit in the fast lane (asw they were trying to prove) but they WERE purposely impeding traffic, regardless of speed.

          [i]”You can be fined for driving the limit in the left lane. “[/i]

          No you can’t, you can be fined for IMPEDING traffic travelling at a normal rate of speed in the left lane, the charge is not for driving the limit in the left lane.

          The reason they don’t mention a specific speed limit is that it would be too easily beaten by speeders who rear end people doing the limit or UNDER the limit in poor weather. Which is completely allowed, as it is REASONABLE speed that is the determining factor. Law is not technical, it is not YES or NO, there is a lot of grey area left in for specific reasons. If it was definitive, too many offenders would walk free and no ‘common sense’ or ‘road sense’ would come into play.

          [i]In fact someone sought to challenge the law and they had 2 people drive beside each other on a 2 lane divided highway at the limit.”[/i]

          They were stupid, they were purposely impeding traffic, no matter what speed they were driving, they proved nothing with respect to speed laws or left lane accessibility.

          once again, the offense is NOT driving teh speed limit or below it in the left lane. You can drive as slow as you want, as long as traffic can safely pass you. Many people drive so slow though that it forces people to pass on teh right, which is a seperate offense in itself, you are not allowed to pas son teh right, IF you were to get such a ticket, you could go to court and state that the traffic in the LEFT lane was not allowign for the normal flow of traffic.

          In all of this though, not ONCE is driving the limit an issue and not ONCE is the vehicle speed a determining factor.

        • #2932486

          But Oz…

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to Can you dig it up?

          They (OPP) have a blitz every year or so, and they chose to enforce this law when people are speeding. If the “flow of tarffic is 120 kms, and some joker is doing 105 in the left lane, during the blitz, they will get fined for impeding the flow. Which does prove the point.


        • #2915993

          That’ steh exact same thing I just spoke about

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Can you dig it up?

          James, there’s no difference in what you just cited to what I rebutted before.

          You seem to be missing the point, which I thought I had made pretty clear.

          okay, the vehicles REGARDLESS of speed (spoeed is NOT a factor) are IMPEDING TRAFFIC.

          Once again, you cannot impede the normal flow of traffic.

          IF you get a ticket for impeding teh flow of traffic, you are NOT being written a ticket for driving teh speed limit, you are IMPEDING the flow traffic.

          If you are not holding everyone up, you can drive in the far left lane at 2kmph if you like, whether you are passing anyone or not. There is NO minimum limit to how fast you can drive in the far left lane.

          Of course a vehicel must be able to do the speed limit on a highway, BUT, if you are in a Laborghini driving at 10mkph in teh far left lane, there is no offense until you impede traffic.

          IN teh case of teh two people trying to prove a point, SPEED was not what tehy were cited for, they were cited for impeding traffic. By driving side by side and not allowing others to pass, they stop the natural flow of traffic, but once again it has NOTHING to do with them driving the speed limit in the left lane (as you had suggested) or anythign else to do with speed.

          When you cite someone for an offense, it is black and white. They are either cited for a speed infraction or something else. IN this case teh citation is impeding traffic, NOT speedig or failing to speed.

          I don’t know how much clearer i can make this one, I have offered as many angles as I can for now, I know you get my point but you are trying to argue something entirely different and irrelevant.

          It is NOT a speed issue, it is a ‘road hog’ issue. I don’t disagree that people that hold up the ;eft lane are jerks and ceemingly clueless, we get THOUSANDS of them in Richmond here. NOBODY knows how to drive and teh DMV has beeen fined multiple times for simply selling a licence to immigrants with lots of money. At one time people were paying $64,000.00 for a licence, more recently it has been between $5,000.00-$10,000.00. We have our fair share of people who REALLY shouldn’t be driving and ‘they’ drive the rest of ‘us’ insane.

        • #2915947

          Oz you have a hard head

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to Can you dig it up?

          If you read my first post, it stated that the law was impeding the flow of traffic. My title implied you could get a ticket even if you were doing the limit.

          Are you trying to misunderstand me?


        • #2921327

          Slower traffic, keep right

          by Anonymous ·

          In reply to Okay, I gotta disagree with this one.

          It’s the law. So is “impeding traffic.” It doesn’t matter how fast you are going. If you are in the fast lane, not passing anyone, you need to move right.

        • #2932437

          Faster traffic, slow down.

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Slower traffic, keep right

          It’s the law. It doesn’t matter how fast you are going. If you are exceeding the limit, you need to slow down.

          Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

        • #2932420

          Wrong, and your attitude contributes to Road Rage

          by Anonymous ·

          In reply to Faster traffic, slow down.

          I see now the real reason you are hogging the left lane. To piss everyone else off. This is why it is illegal.

          Speed is not the issue, using the proper lane is. The left lane is for passing and if you are impeding traffic, you should be arrested.

          Everyone speeds, even you.

          Also, speeders should ALSO get their due penalties. The point is, two wrongs do not make it right. Road hog.

        • #2932417

          1 minor mention

          by the scummy one ·

          In reply to Wrong, and your attitude contributes to Road Rage

          Palmetto never stated that he drove the speed limit IN the fast lane and blocked traffic.

          He has pointed out many times that people should slow down, and I think this was an example of making a point.

          Aside from that, I agree with your statement!

        • #2932397

          Unsupported assumptions

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Wrong, and your attitude contributes to Road Rage

          I’m not hogging the left lane; I’m not even in it. I’m presenting a viewpoint, but it doesn’t reflect the way I drive. I said earlier I would rather take my chances with SUV’s in the left than trucks in the right, but that’s just what I’d prefer.

          If there are two lanes, I’m in the right. If there are more than two lanes, I’m one lane over from the right so I can avoid merging and exiting traffic.

          “Everyone speeds, even you.”

          No, I don’t speed. If you’d like, send me a peer mail and I’ll reply with the phone number here at work. You can talk to any number of my coworkers unhappy with my driving the speed limit on single lane US 1 to and from the plant. I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it; I just drive what’s posted, I don’t determine the limit.

          I agree, two wrongs don’t make a right. I’m not committing either of them.

        • #2932307

          LOL, Q’s new book of law, revised 2008 edition

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Wrong, and your attitude contributes to Road Rage

          I like your understanding and description of law, if only it was accurate and held water in court, you’d be onto something. You would be one of those cases that I actually enjoyed watching in front of a judge, I don’t know what would be funnier though, your bizarre explanations or teh judges laughter.

          You can try and make a law mean what you wish it to mean, but having sat in on many such cases and heard many similar testimonies get laughed out of the courtroom, I would say it just isn’t going to work your way.

          “Speed is not the issue, using the proper lane is. The left lane is for passing and if you are impeding traffic, you should be arrested. ”

          make up your mind, is it failign to pass another car or is it impeding traffic? NO, the two are NOT the same at all.

          If car A is in the right lane doing 80mph, and car B is doing 80MPH in teh left lane, there is NO offense. NO you shouldn’t be arrested, and getting a traffic ticket is NOT getting arrested.

          If car B has a line of traffic behind him, waiting to pass, then he should move into the right lane and allow them to pass. After doing so, he can lawfully travel in the left lane at whatever speed he chooses.

          Now if car A (right lane) is doing 80MPh and car B is doing 80MPH and there is a car C driving on the bumper of car B at 110MPH and the limit is 80, car B is NOT obligated to let car C pass.

          He is best off letting the fool pass but he is NOT at that point in time, impeding natural flow of traffic, just someoen choosing to speed.

          As you may tell, I have seen this come up under countless scenarios and it is ALWAYS down to teh same thing. “How fast was eveyone else driving?” It has never come down to, “You should have been driving in the right lane”. That’s just the common misinterpretation of it, just as everyone misinterprets their right to free speech and right to privacy at work etc.

          People look at signs and read newspaper articles, but RARELY to people read AND understand laws. We see it here on TR all the time.

        • #2932521

          Ozzie, we’ve got one going here you’d love EDITED

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Wrong, and your attitude contributes to Road Rage

          Three guys charged with mail and securities fraud. They’re accused of spending over $80 million of investors’ money on cars, aircraft, stadium luxury boxes, travel, etc. They promised investors (mostly church members and military personnel in the southeastern US) returns of twice their investment on a monthly basis.

          Here’s the part you’d enjoy: they’re fired their lawyers and are representing themselves in federal court. The judge just rejected their first filing; he’s not impressed. EDITED: I finally found a good link, although it doesn’t give much detail.

        • #2915988

          Okay that’s worth a dig I suppose

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Wrong, and your attitude contributes to Road Rage

          I’ll ask around and see who’s been following it or if I can get mroe info.

          They ALMOST have an angle though, they are graspign at straws probably why the judge thought it was so ludicrous, but they DID have a bit of an angle. Unfortunately its just another example of people SORTA knowing the law (too much TV, everyone is a forensic pathologist or a lawyer these days it seems). I bet their former lawyers are having a good laugh on this one.

        • #2915978

          LOL perhaps an insanity plea

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Wrong, and your attitude contributes to Road Rage

          “?If I was given an extension, I could find proper counsel so I can understand the ramifications of how I plea,? Brunson said. ”

          trying to buy time, trying to look unfit for trial.

          “Earlier this week, prosecutors asked a judge to order a mental examination for Brunson because he received mental health treatment while in the Army and has written a number of letters to investigators and state and federal prosecutors that make no sense and suggest he may not be competent to stand trial. ”

          Bering in the US though they may get hung up on religious faith, as it is hard to pass judgement to a faith based crime, but I don’t think they are actually clever enough to pull it off.

          Nutty as a fruit cake alright, they don’t really have a celever defense though, just a bizarre one. LOL, thanks for the link.

        • #2932308

          No it isn’t

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Slower traffic, keep right

          You can drive as slow as you want in the passing lane, NOT fast lane. As long as other vehicles have a clear and legal path around you.

          If you want to drive in the left lane across America you can, as long as you don’t impede the natural flow of traffic. If ONE guys is speeding and everyone else is doing the limit, then you are at no fault for driving the limit in the left lane.

          Unfortunately I have had to sit through these cases hundred of times, waiting for the real cases to begin. Everyone has a different excuse, everyone has a different reason, everyone has a different definition of th left lane but when it really comes down to it, it is NOT illegal to drive at teh speed limit in teh left lane. You do not HAVE to be passing people.

          You simply can’t impede the reasonable and natural flow of traffic. Not too many people win that case by trying to explain a reason for speeding, in fact there are only one or two safety instances that I can remember.

        • #2932289

          And THAT’s the problem

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to No it isn’t

          [i]If you want to drive in the left lane across America you can, as long as you don’t impede the natural flow of traffic. [/i]

          Cruising in the left lane is the only sure way I know of to impede the flow of traffic, particularly since most American drivers [u]don’t[/u] drive, but merely aim. Speed limits aside, the left-lane loser forces faster drivers into the right lane, increasing the chances of wrecks at on-and off-ramps. More than once, I’ve seen failure to keep right be a major contributor to traffic congestion and subsequent road rage.

          AFAIK, the US is the only industrial country that does not require drivers on expressways to keep right (or left for GB and JP) except to pass. I’m not in favor of more laws, but I think we need a nationwide “Keep Right” law to control traffic on interstate highways. In this case, a good justification could be made that as interstate commerce, it falls under Congress’ jurisdiction.

        • #2932516

          That doesn’t fix the entire problem

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to And THAT’s the problem

          As much time as you spend on the road, I know you’ve seen it. Long line in the left lane; 20, 25 cars. They’re coming up on a slower vehicle on the right, and most of them are content to cruise by behind the vehicle in front of them. Then there’s the twit who wants to run faster than the flow so he pulls to RIGHT. Shortly he’s tailgating the slower vehicle and trying to jam back to the left, no signal, often farther back in line than where he started.

          He’s the same guy who won’t merge until the last fifty feet when there have been “Construction – Lane Closed” signs every quarter mile for the last three counties. I love it when the 18-wheelers trap him against the barricades.

        • #2915921

          Best one I’ve seen

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to And THAT’s the problem

          Watched a kid in a Mustang GT eat grass on I-20 at 378 because he stayed out in the third lane to the very end, then discovered nobody would let him in. :^0

        • #2932434

          These ones are the worst

          by the scummy one ·

          In reply to Related to…

          and they are plentiful out there…
          Now how to herd them up and drop a bomb on them??

        • #2915702

          More for discussion

          by rfolden ·

          In reply to These ones are the worst

          In many states if you are speeding, you forfeit right-of-way.

          It really doesn’t pay to speed. Even though I’m guilty.

          Also, regarding the honk-on-horn and driver in front gives you ye-olde brake check: Stay well away from this rager and avoid the situation. DO NOT engage the moron. You’ll just end up colliding with the moron from the rear and it will be YOUR fault in 99.9% of the cases because you were following the moron too closely. Even if, in you’re opinion, the moron ‘cut you off’.

        • #2932100

          I never brake-check a tailgater.

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to More for discussion

          I have been known to hit the flashers for a single blink. I’ve also been known to disengage the cruise and let my car gradually slow down by 5, then 10 mph.

          As to getting cut off, I just regard it as a given that it’s going to happen and am already slowing down before the other vehicle completes the pass.

          It really is easier to take it all in stride if you think of it as a video game. I don’t mean that in the sense that you shouldn’t take it seriously. I mean that it’s a game programmed chock-full of objects doing everything possible to make you wreck, and there’s no sense in getting mad at the graphics for trying to doing their job.

        • #2921740

          I often pretended that driving is a life-sized video game.

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to I never brake-check a tailgater.

          Haven’t done it in awhile though. It really did help keep my aggravation to a low level. Thanks for mentioning it as I need to start doing it again.

          Tailgaters irritate me. I don’t brake because of them but I will turn on my headlights if they’re not already on. Looks like brake lights. In extreme cases I’ll slow down gradually to 20-25 mph and give them plenty of opportunity to pass.

          I once had a tailgater pass me speeding, crossing the double yellow, while flipping me off in his windshield mirror just as a cop was passing him going the other way. To the cop it had to look like the tailgater was flipping him off. :^0 I made plenty of room for the cop to catch the guy as he turned around to give chase. Made my day.

        • #2921677

          Stupid drivers and cops…

          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to I often pretended that driving is a life-sized video game.

          I was on my way to Hot Springs, going the back way which is a two-lane highway most of the way. Kind of in the middle of nowhere, I wound up behind an obviously drunk driver in a pick-up truck. When I got the opportunity, I went around him at a speed significantly over the limit. Of course a cop was coming the other way, and I couldn’t slow down fast enough once in front of the drunk.

          The cop turned around, pulled me over, and would have given me one heck of a ticket, except the goofy drunk pulled in behind the cop! The cop went to the truck to see what was up, the driver and the cab reeked of booze, he gave me back my drivers license and hauled the drunk off.

          I don’t think I’ll ever forget that, or stop getting a giggle out of it. 😀

        • #2921659

          More stupid drivers and cops

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to I often pretended that driving is a life-sized video game.

          Was passed a few weeks ago by a couple of highway patrol cars at full boogie, blue lights and all. The guy behind me pulled out and started chasing them. The slick he cut off pulled him over… :^0

    • #2921291


      by oz_media ·

      In reply to James Rant of the Week – Inconsiderate People

      BEAR: Yes they ignored fair warning and jeopardized the safety of others, but that is also to be expected of people in such congested ‘park’ areas, it happens in the bush too but there are no warnings and flyers there.

      In BC, and in most US National Parks, the park staff will take constant trips around the park and if anything is left out, the person is quickly found and fined.

      I am surprised that;
      1) The park staff hadn’t already relocated the bear, they woud scoop him up and fly him way up a mountain here, it would then take several weeks for him to work his way back if he chose to.

      2) The park staff, knowing it was in the area, hadn’t been constantly patrolling the sites looking for such offenders before the bear actually got in and went through the site.

      Where I usually wind up camping, you are on your own in such a situation anyway, but even then, if a bear was getting into campsites, the parks board woul dbe in there in a heartbeat to track, capture and relocate the bear. Some areas of Canada have stopped doing that though, due to the cost; placing dolars before people or wildlife.

      As for the clown in the car that cut you off, happens all the time, I don’t even honk. There’s no point, as all you do is start the road rage; that’s why defensive driving is such a life saver.

      • #2932379

        Park staff versus bear

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to Responsibility

        The park has 400 sites in 8 separate areas.

        They do patrol, but there is never enough staff, and the bears are wiley. They do have traps to relocate, but the bear seemed to ignore them altogether. Once someone called, they were on the bears trail all night, but with dense brush between the sites, it was hard for them to track.

        After our incident they did move the trap to our area, and they were around a lot, but short of night vision goggles, not much they can do. The bear went into hiding at daybreak.


        • #2932301

          They manage it in Yellowstone

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Park staff versus bear

          Pretty big park there and a MASSIVE issue with bears.

          Where I camp, up the rocky roads, I see bears all the time, including this past BCDay long weekend. They are awesome animals and, if left in the wild, (most bears) are never a problem unless you get between them and their young, en route to their home etc.

          I agree with you that these campers were idiots. But for a KNOWN bear in the area, and wildlife/park staff on hand, I am shocked at how slow they were to capture it. IF it had been trapped and removed before, it should have been tagged, traced and killed when reentering the area.

          Sometimes relocation will do but if it comes back, there is no way of stopping it from continually returning at that point.

          I just couldn’t see that happening out here. The campers would be fined and excorted away by teh RCMP. The bear would have been trapped and tracked the first time, having come within 50kms of the campsire again it would have been killed.

          I don’t like it when they are killed, but if people are idiots and man keeps building closer and closer to ther natural habitat, they must be put down when people are in danger.

          Unfortunately it is man that causes the problems, never the bears.

    • #2932128

      You heard the news a couple of days ago?

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to James Rant of the Week – Inconsiderate People

      local woman mauled by a black bear in her driveway.
      she is in hospital and the bear is dead.

      seems the public announcement and information didn’t quite sink in, and she paid for it. but the bear paid more.

      • #2932127

        And then yesterday

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to You heard the news a couple of days ago?

        Bear broke into a basement apartment through the window, again bear was killed.


        • #2932121

          that one

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to And then yesterday

          I can understand, the bear was forcing it’s way into a residence.
          the PoCO woman was trying to chase the bear away from her garbage can that she put out for pickup, the next day.

    • #2921638

      Great googlymoogly.

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to James Rant of the Week – Inconsiderate People

      Rage on, my good fellow.

      They should have driven off the campers with paintball guns, then politely asked the bear to please leave.

      Situational awareness is sorely lacking in so many people, even (or is it especially) at high speeds.

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