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Jaming Phone Calls in restricted Areas

By cafund2000 ·
I need a discussant who knows something about technologies for restricting the reception and use of Mobile Phones in restricted areas such as within Bank Premises, Churches, and other public places!

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jamming cell phones - where?

by shiny_topadm In reply to Jaming Phone Calls in res ...

While there certainly people who understand the technology involved, you probably need to ask your question in a "geographical" context, like, "what country are you talking about?". Even though it may be in use, such signal interference is currently illegal in the US and Canada (although I believe that Canada is reviewing the topic). There are some companies in France and Israel that manufacture devices to do this. (I've read that current US FCC regs provide for an $11,000-a-day fine!) That said, what part of this technology do you wish to discuss?

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by Oldefar In reply to jamming cell phones - whe ...

As an old crow (electronic warfare), I think jamming is probably the worst possible solution to inconsiderate cell phone use.

First, it is not highly selective so it would impact any and all devices within a given band. That cell phone could be a lifeline to someone.

Second, it is not easily contained. Jamming strength is a factor of distance from jamming transmitter, so to get the desired effect within a particular building the jamming signal would have to be strong enough to cause interference some distance from that building.

There are better approaches to controlling inconsiderate actions.

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by djent In reply to Jaming Phone Calls in res ...

Better you should restrict admitance of cell phone users to restricted areas. With jamming you could potentially run afoul of the patriot act and John Ashcroft, maybe rethink this idea. Don't confuse "restricted" with inappropriat areas, being rude is not illegal.

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by TheChas In reply to Jaming Phone Calls in res ...

Rather than attempting to jam the signal, shield the area to prevent RF signals from entering.

Admittedly, this is MUCH easier to do as part of the original building design.
The advantage is that it will be more effective and will have no legal ramifications.

A soldered seam copper roof with embedded copper screening in the walls and windows will block an awful lot of the RF spectrum.
You need to properly ground the shield, and use special feed-thru connections for all power lines.

Anywhere there are open doors or windows, will allow the RF signal to get in.

The problem with jamming is the frequencies to be covered and the radiated power required to jam the signal.
Do you really want to be in a near micro-wave power field?

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Work smarter not harder

by TomSal In reply to Jaming Phone Calls in res ...

The best advice I think any employee anywhere in the world can take is simply , "work smarter not harder".

Sometimes its easier to say than do when we are busy and feel the pressure of deadlines.

I say that the jamming idea is 1) 100x over kill if your aim is to just stop rude cell phone use, 2) As pointed out before -- can have legal ramifications, 3) Not even required unless you are some government institution with highly sensitive data that could threaten the peace of a country or the world or something like that (and I suspect if this were the case you would use TechRepublic to research this data..god I hope not anyways! lol) and 4) ITS JUST TOO MUCH DARN WORK! :)

Simply make policy -- can not use your cell phone in this area,between these times, etc. Whatever you need. Tip: Make sure there is a strong reason for the policy. I.E. "Due to interference issues cell phones cause our super duper XLKDJ-9938 Model XYZ mega super calculation device...." I jest, but you get the point.

That's all. Write people up who disobey this policy and take appropriate discliplinary action as warranted to enforce the policy.

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How about this

by glyall In reply to Jaming Phone Calls in res ...

Places use to have coat checks.
Instand of the coat check have a cell phones and beepers check in. People with cell phones and beepers must check them in, if they use them in these places have them removed.
Some day soon I hope cell phones and beepers
with be treated like people that smoke.

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