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    by vijayalosisa ·

    Why is java not 100% pure oops?

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      by darts32 ·

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      1. Operator overloading (except +)is not possible in java.
      2. Primitives are not Objects. Though of course, there is wrapper class for that.
      3. Multible inheritance through classes is not possible.
      4. Availability of static methods and variables.

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      by nagu_772004 ·

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      java is not supporting all features of oops. That is java is not supporting multiple inheritance and pointers and linked lists etc.
      So that it is not 100% pure oops language

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      by saurabhambekar ·

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      Java is 100% object oriented……..i dont know about “pure oops”.

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      by drvijayy2k2 ·

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      java is not pure oops. Because which language is supports primitive data type that not a oops. so java supports primitive data types.

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