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Java applet denies access to Cisco PIX Manager interface

By HighTechAngel ·
I'd appreciate a little help with this issue:
I used to have access to the Cisco PIX Manager interface through a PC, actually a W2K domain controller. For some reason the Internet settings on that server were changed to its defaults and from that point on, I haven't been able to launch the PIX manager again.

Some messages about invalid certificates and mismatching host names, etc, have been showing up and after confirming that I still want to run this application, a last window pops up and its status bar reads "Exception: java security. AccessControlException: access denied (java.util.PropertyPermission java.version read)"

I downloaded Java last version and changed the settings so that it let me do anything, however, this access denial keeps on showing.

Any help will be welcome. Thanks.

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Check the JAVA Version

by felltech In reply to Java applet denies access ...

The Cisco PIX does not work with the latest JAVA
Go with Java 1.4.2

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Thanks a lot

by HighTechAngel In reply to Check the JAVA Version
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Or upgrade PDM

by djdawson In reply to Thanks a lot

You can also upgrade to the latest version of PDM for you
PIX, which is 3.0(4) if you're running PIX software 6.3.x.
There was a bug in PDM regarding Java, and the latest
version fixes it.

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cisco pix

by apcsol In reply to Check the JAVA Version

u make my day as I have same problem. now it is all working. Thank you.

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Lucky you

by HighTechAngel In reply to cisco pix

At least it was helpful for somebody out there. I found that it is related to DNS service and the fact that the PIX has a name, but it is invoked with an Ip address and there is something Java finds invalid.

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Java applet denies access to PIX

by sajan In reply to Java applet denies access ...

I found the solution, you use IE 6.0 and JDK version version 1.1.4 with out Service Pack it will work. IE 7.0 is not compatible with PDM 3.0 . so dont try with that. you can reach me .

all the best

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Here is the answer

by Jasmeet Singh In reply to Java applet denies access ...

I have the same issue but with the lot's of brain storming and R&amp I came to the conclusion that You don't need to up-grade PDM version . Never mind what version of O/s or browser you have...what you need is JRE 1.4.1. I have tested it on Firefox 2.0 and IE 7 it works perfectly fine.
For Java Runtime Environment 1.4.1 go to this link ""

Keep one thing in mind Latest version won't work..... sometime degradation is the option.

For further any discussion you can contact me at,

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Thank You

by Arvindhar In reply to Here is the answer

You guys are great

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