JAVA (Applet) Source Code for Instant Messaging

By stephen.avae ·

Can anyone help me?

I have spent the last 3 hours searching online for a simple and direct Source Code for JAVA Instant Messaging.

I have downloaded a great deal of ZIP files, of Source Code (such as Smarck, Shigeoka, PJIRC, etc) but still have not found what I am looking for.

I need to implement an Instant Messaging (IM) feature into my company's web application server, to enable employees and/or offsite consultants to communicate in REAL-TIME (in other words, ONE-ON-ONE Instant Messaging).

Does anyone have an idea of where I can find a suitable code for this?


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by tbsetlalekgosi In reply to JAVA (Applet) Source Code ...

Sorry man i do not have a solution to your problem, but if i do stumble on anything i shall let you know.

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by stephen.avae In reply to Chat
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Whoops - applet. - note to self - read ALL requirements first :) Ignore me!

by gary.hewett In reply to JAVA (Applet) Source Code ...

What are your target devices / host system(s) / basic requriements

I have built a mobile (push) communications engine that we use for our MovementMobile product which serves the courier/trucking industry. Talk about *instant* messaging requirements - these guys live and die by the second.

The engine was abstracted (like the rest of our Techano(R)libraries so that it could function in any domain.

For the record it took over 2 years, and the pouring through detailed logs for over a million messages, to get the communication channel to work reliably as the devices moved in and out of range as at times we found 1/2 our packets dropped or duplicated.

If you plan to roll your own and don't have mobile communication experience I wish you luck.

If all you want are simple text messaging requirements there are any number of downloadable programs for Blackberries et-al but if you need the back end to respond or interact with other software then you will need something to "bridge" between those worlds and you'll find much like we did that it is mostly a closed circuit. That's why we rolled our own :)

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