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Java applet using the Swing API

By gtntech ·
write a Java applet using the Swing API to manage a PC repair shop. When a PC is brought in for repair, a member of staff will use this applet to log it into the system as a repair job. They will also be able to use the applet to manage the job e.g.allocate a person to carry out the repair and enter costs.

You must not use a tool such as JBuilder to generate Java code. If you use code from elsewhere e.g. a text book, you must highlight the code and state the reference clearly and include a photocopy of the relevant pages from the text book or other source.

You should hard-code some initial data into your applet. You should not store any data in a file or database.

Level of functionality you should attempt to implement:

Level 1 ? Your applet should:

a. As a minimum, your program should store (in memory) at least 10 repair jobs. For each repair job, you need to store:
? The name and phone number of the customer bringing the PC in for repair;
? A brief textual description of the problem;
? Whether the PC is under warranty or not.
b. Your program must allocate and display a unique number for the job once it is accepted.
c. The user must be able to view the details of jobs. They should be able to select either:
? All the jobs in the system; or
? Jobs being carried out under warranty.

Level 2 ? Your applet must meet the requirements for level 1. In addition it should:

a. You should carry out appropriate validation checks on input data e.g. the phone number contains all digits.
b. System should cope with an unlimited number of jobs.
c. The user should be able to select a job and then allocate a repairer to that job.
d. The user should be able to display a list of jobs for each repairer.

Level 3 - Your applet must meet the requirements for level 1 and 2. In addition it should allow the user to:

a. Select a job and input the cost of repair for:
? the number of hour

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