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Java Based SSH clients

By monkapotomus91 ·
Hey everyone, i was windering if anyone knows of any good *free* ssh clients that are programmed in java *so i can run them at school* and that support SSH2 *so i can connect to my box at home*

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by webjabber In reply to Java Based SSH clients
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by dawgit In reply to Java Based SSH clients I'm not sure if this suits your needs, but you can check it out. -d

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by monkapotomus91 In reply to Java Based SSH clients

cool thanx guys i am trying those links out now...the problem with everything i found during my google adventures is...the compuers have NO local write privlidges, and they dont allow anything except specific programs run.....but i came up with an idea that involves renaming puTTy to some explorer svchost *etc* then running it straight off a server:) *tahts a last resort and a long shot though*

*w00t* that first perfect i have emailed it to myself *so i can use it ofcourse* and it should be just the thing:) now i can further expand my mind in my computer classes by using all the various programs on my linux box w00t w00t

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