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Java C/C++

By rcat56 ·
I would like to learn Java, I know already know C/C++ using MS Visual C++. What are some good Java IDE's that I could use.

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Don't learn java!!!

by Allan "ndrtkr" Rojas In reply to Java C/C++

instead, focus on C# it's much better, and .NET environment is sweet like ****....

otherwise, Visual J++ v6.0 is nice for java, and also Visual Cafe v4.5 is cool, but weird in some things...

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Java has its place

by privately_owed In reply to Java C/C++

... .NET only runs on Windows (at the moment). Go ahead and learn Java, you'll pick up some good habits, and you can always pick up C# like the previous poster suggested later on if you want -- the syntax is nearly identical.

I wouldn't waste my time with Visual J++ if I were you though.

IntelliJ IDEA is easily the best IDE I've seen in terms of functionality and stability, but it doesn't have a visual GUI builder.

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by Jay Eckles In reply to Java C/C++

I don't personally like it, but I know a lot of people use NetBeans (aka Forte for Java). Avoid VJ++.

I'm still partial to jEdit and javac, which is probably the best way to really learn the language.

Good luck.

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IDE for developing JAVA Application

by neuron28 In reply to Java C/C++

Hi There,

There is good IDE for JAVA named JCreator. It's just like MS VC++ IDE. Surely it will be helpful for those who have already used MS VC++ IDE. It's absolutely free.

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Java Much Better than MS tool

by javamaster In reply to IDE for developing JAVA A ...

Java is good for cross platform project/product developements.Platform independence is an excellent property/feature of Java.It will provides lot of flexiblity in network programming.its better than VB/VC.Recently our company had developed a project after creating SETUP and installing on other MS Os its not running properly and creating problems with DLL files.
i hope u guys will understand the importance of platform independancy.
well if ur asking abt IDE GUI then try out Symantec Visual Cafe its good.

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