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Java: Consider using an existing app framework

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Java e-newsletter explains why you should consider using an existing application framework when building an app that requires a GUI.

Have you used an existing application framework to build an app that requires a GUI? If so, did you use Eclipse, NetBeans, JLense, or some other platform? If you haven't used an existing application framework, do you think you might after reading this tip?

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by MaryWeilage Editor In reply to Java: Consider using an e ...

Note from the editor: I received the following comments from a Java e-newsletter subscriber via e-mail.

I use the WebObjects web application framework to build web applications. It is particularly best suited to HTML web applications that interact with any ANSI SQL 92 compliant database(s). In reality WebObjects consists of a number of frameworks that support the web application framework including EOF (Enterprise Objects Framework) which is certainly one of the richest features that makes working with data sources a breeze. More info a www.webobjects.com

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