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java driver

By swhite12 ·
ne able to help me with a java driver for windows xp?

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What exactly do you need?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to java driver

You will need to give far more detail when you ask a question here as there are numerious posibilities with the question that you have listed here.

Also if you where to post the complete question in the Q & A section you would get a far faster responce and most likely from someone who is in you're same time zone.

As this is an international forum it can take quite a long time to reply to some questions from different time zone


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java driver

by swhite12 In reply to java driver

java driver for xp windows was taken out of service pack recently. i had to reinstall my windows and got new service pack then had to download a driver from internet by sun to run yahoo games . its the worst screen when it opens applet. need one better.

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by swhite12 In reply to java driver

it also is very slow opening game windows.

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Java and Yahoo - What can I say

by Deadly Ernest In reply to java driver

If you had been following the various Microsoft court cases you would know that they ahd to remove the Java due to one of the judicial decisions. Java is a propritary product from Sun and the best version is the current one found via

I have noticed that sometimes it has to be installed, uninstalled and reinstalled to work properly with the Yahoo games, especially if you are using XP Home and not XP Pro.

Once you have done this, if you are not happy with the result I can only suggest you write Yahoo and ask them to drop the Java from their website. most of the games can (and were done) in non-propritary software in the past (and on older and slower PCs at good speeds).

I don't have this trouble as I avoid Java and sites that depend on it for security reasons.

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But hasn't M$ come to an agreement with Sun

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Java and Yahoo - What can ...

And are supporting Java until at least September thsi year?

That was the last that I heard from a joint press release from M$ and Sun. Currently the .NET product isn't as widely used as M$ would like and they are stuck with Java for quite some time yet.

However you could be right about the need to install uninstall and then reinstall the plugin as I have no experience with Yahoo.

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agreement not that useful

by Deadly Ernest In reply to But hasn't M$ come to an ...

Yeah Sun/MS came to an agreement that allowed MS to use certain versions of Java but not all. unless they wanted to pay more big dollars for it. MS did not want to pay for what they felt they had already paid for. Thus the Java in MS is either older Sun or MS amended older Sun Java. Either way it does not work all that well.

Does not worry me as I try to avoid Java at as much as possible, it takes up to many resources for no benefit, often lowers performance.

Getting Java, Yahoo and MS to work properly, especially MS Home, is a real bugger and an install - uninstall - install is the only way I have found to get it to work properly. Did it several times for friends.

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Teo Tips

by Oz_Media In reply to java driver

JAVA, IMHO Sun's Java is the best way to go. It is thier product, I have NEVER had a problem with it. If the window isn't displaying properly, it is the site developers error, not the JAVA app.

Secondly, you will get more answers if you post in the Technical Q&A forum (tech question support) as opposed to the Discussion forum.

good luck,

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