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Java Future

By akvarshney11 ·
can anybody plz tell me What is the future of java
as most of campanies criticizing it for loophole in security in system
it let security threats to enter thru the system.
Oracle java also introduces some solution to it but still some problem is there.
so there is any chances of lowering in the power of Java in respect to hiring process in java field
plz anybody if have any idea response to it
thank you

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Sorry but there is no easy answer to this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Java Future

But as things currently stand Oracle's Java is used on a lot of Web Sites and is criticized by many for the deficiencies in it.

Just like Flash there are other possibilities but Java is still heavily used. However unlike Flash Java isn't hated by any of the Hardware Makers so the likelihood of having a Big System Maker refuse to allow their Hardware to Display Java Pages like Apple is unable to display Flash is highly unlikely so the most likely thing to happen is that the Status Quo will remain the same as there is no pressure to stop using it.


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Just lie on your resume

by Slayer_ In reply to Java Future

Everyone else does it. Java is like every other OO language. If your skilled you could pick it up in a day or two (And you should have a look and do some practice programs if you know ahead of time that the job requires Java). And if they ask, just say you haven't used it in awhile and your rusty.
The resume is just to get passed the HR department keyword search anyways. Once your in front of an actual dev department manager, they should understand.

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My '-1' was for your ethically bereft 'advice'. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Just lie on your resume
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not really...

by lovcom In reply to Java Future

Your smug "just lie" remark says a lot more about you then the topic at hand. Pick up Java in one or two days? What a joke! You either know nothing about IT, or you have character issues, so which is it? Oh wait! You suggest nevermind, as we'll never know the truth from you.

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