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java is best open source technology

By infoprism ·
java is more easy to customize

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last I heard Java was still proprietary and owned by SUN

by Deadly Ernest In reply to java is best open source ...

it also wastes huge amounts of bandwidth when used on a web page - which is often done when it shouldn't be.

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java is propietary?

by tomgilkey In reply to last I heard Java was sti ...

I agree that JAVA is owned by Sun (now Oracle)but as I look at how the java community works, it does not seem to be used by Oracle to make life difficult for competitors. It is easier than most to write portable code and there is a lot of reusable code available out there. Also if bandwidth utilization were the most important issue, we would still be using bisync and 3270's.

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Yes, Java is proprietary, it's owned and fully patented and copyrighted

by Deadly Ernest In reply to java is propietary?

yes, they've allowed people to use it without restriction, so far; but at any time they can lower the boom and make you pay.

Bandwidth may not be an issue in the USA, but most other countries you pay for ALL your download and upload by the megabyte - so it's an issue for most of the world.

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We must be having a language difficulty of another kind

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to java is best open source ...

How do you customise Java?

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well, one local shop uses special liquers and creams while making it

by Deadly Ernest In reply to We must be having a langu ...

sorry, just a little coffee related humour.

I suspect they meant you can use the java code to customise what you do with it.

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I usually have mine black...

but everynow and again I'll throw a dash of sugar in the cup! [_]3
Now, in regards to the was my wish some 15 years ago or so
that Java be allowed to die, for the most part I still have little use for
the programming language known as Java. Outside of only a few
very specialized uses, I don't encounter Java too often...even though
it is used in Android phones, some routers and a few other electronics.
It probably could be replaced with a lighter programming environment
if programmers put their minds to it rather than just "cut and paste"
from other projects.

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what agros me about the program language called java is so many

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I usually have mine black ...

of the drag and drop web page designing programs use it to create the web pages and web site - thus a lot of them end up with several megabytes of java code instead of several kilobytes of html. Meaning a lot of wasted bandwidth, ling time to download, and the web sites are usually pretty looking garbage that doesn't work too well.

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What frosts my shorts

by CharlieSpencer In reply to what agros me about the p ...

is the constant nagging to upgrade the client piece. Doing so required local Admin, something I refuse to give my users on an 'across the board' basis.

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Doesn't even work for me

by Slayer_ In reply to What frosts my shorts

It keeps wanting to update, I accept the UAC and it says failed.

Worthless junk...

Just decided to let it try again, this time it popped up saying your already updated.

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Ah so you can program with it?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to well, one local shop uses ...

A programming language you can program with, a unique and novel aspect that sets Java apart from other languages you can do that with...

Can't be that, it would make the OP a total F***wit...

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