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Dear Sir/Madam
I am currently working as a Software Tester in a very big company this is my first job after completing my Bachelor Engineering in Computer Science. I had great interest in going to development after completing my BE but could not because the company had great requirement for Testing and they gave me no other option as a fresher. After my current project i would like to shift to development please let me know if JAVA or .net has a scope in the market and which would me more stable. I have a personal liking for .net but i want to pursue the one that has more scope. i have executed projects in both technologies. please help me in this regard.

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by jc2it In reply to JAVA or .NET

This would be better as a discussion question than a technical question, because ultimately you are asking for our opinion instead of a right wrong answer.

To answer your question however. I personally like the Java system. For one reason. It does not tie you to one operating system. Until .NET is available on Linux/MAC/UNIX (read never) I would not develop it in my organization. Why? Because we have a mixed environment. We have Linux, Mac, UNIX, and three versions of Windows that we actively support. Only two of those OS actually use .NET well.

Ultimately, you should be proficient in both of them, maybe an expert in the one that you develop in. This is especially true if you are going to actively develop in either. Why? You don't know where you next job will be and you want to make sure you are prepared when you get there.

Never tie yourself to one Manufacturer, Vendor, or Architecture. Look at Apple for instance. Because of the way the developed their software they are able to port it to a totally different architechture. To be able to switch your OS from PowerPC to x86 is awesome. I would bet that MS cannot do that.

In order to keep a vendor honest he must have competition. In software this is key!

Hope this helps,

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by john In reply to JAVA or .NET

Both .net and Java have good mature markets available. Both development platforms have the ability to be deployed on different operating systems; .net can be deployed to Linux (Mono).

The .net framework is perhaps quicker to get a complete solution working in, due to the superior IDE, visual studio; and now with the free versions (express edition) it has the same cost as a simple Java enviroment.

Whilst a lot can be said for not being restricted to one development enviroment, companies tend to look for only one technology; however where a company insists on Java for back office they are often prepared to use .net for the front office. where as if they are a .net gouse they will often not want to use Java at all. As such I would say that the .net platform has a greater potential for a new developer :)

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by mdyameen6 In reply to JAVA or .NET


I do agree with John's answer. At the same, I feel that most of the companies would like to stick to one development platform, because of easy support. Lets take a look at my company, the one I'm working for. They were having Java/VB6 application talking to Oracle. So, we have allocated few programmers to convert the java applications into .NET. Because .NET is very much userfriendly and the most important thing is its easy to support, enhance the product and there are plenty of guys.

Performance wise I personally feel .NET is good, development will take more time in JAVA. I'm not opposing java completely, JAVA has great advantages which .NET doesn't have yet.


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The answer by jc2it has the best strategy

by novawatcher In reply to JAVA or .NET

jc2it does have the best strategy for long term security as a developer.

I started out in the late 60s and have constantly adapted myself and what I do - but always with an eye on the trends. I never tied myself down to a single "type". If I had I would have been obsolete, rather than just catching-up.

Catch-up is a game best played with friends who you have a professional relationship with. You leap-frog each other in different environments and once a month get together to update each other on environment "changes"

Let your boss know you do this and if there's a worry, invite him to a couple of sessions so he can make his own decision as to how you should handle it.

- Business Ethics 101 - I say this because you need to be careful to never have an conflict of interest between your friend and your employer.

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want to know, which technology should i learn about

by pardeep maurya In reply to JAVA or .NET

i m doing b-tech..... iwant to which technology should i have to take for good job placement and technical devlopment... i m intrsted in doing programming and i had learnt c++, core java technical languages... now i m confused between dot net and java,,, that which should i have to take????? pls give me ur opinion in this regard, and which technology has greater job oppertunity and technically versetility..........

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