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Java or .NET as a whole.

By virgo_11 ·
I have experience in php and i want to learn either .net or java, i know i can find lots of forum on this but i am still not getting it.

I know the basic difference between .net and java but What i want to know is:

First which one is fast(Not hard) to learn.

Second which one has got resources available free on the net. so that i wont get any problem to learn myself.

Third in the current situation in india( or anywhere in demand) which one has got job opportunity more, currently or in near future.

Thanks for your reply.

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No real difference

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Java or .NET as a whole.

Framework wise, some find Java or VB, or C# more natural to them. Using either, you need to get your head round OO basics and use the framework,. The clue that you are doing it wrong, is thinking to yourelf, this should be easier...
Loads of free stuff, help examples etc. You donlt want to go near the big buy compoent suites anyway, they are almost another framework, not worth learning unless you get t9o a place where they use them, or you see loads of jobs needing them.
As for the indian job market, in particular the one in your location, not a clue.

My tip, learn both swap over between the two of them every mini project or so, the diffrerences in the languages approach, will teach you more than anything else.
Most of them are failrly subtle anyway, if you sqiont there isn't that much difference between .net and Java in terms of using them to solve a problem.

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by virgo_11 In reply to No real difference

Tony thanks for your reply,
but i think .NET is not working around for the last 2 year specially and i dont know about its future.

And JAVA surely will take time to learn.

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If you knew different you wouldn't be asking

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to BUT .NET IS NOT WORKING.

and if you didn't why would bother tellling me I was wrong?

Of course Java will take time to learn, five years on I'm still learning .Net, and that's the last five years of career in programming that started in 87, and interest from 76.

I said I had no idea what the indian job market is like.

I'm getting the impression you are looking for minimal effort quick win.

Sort yourself out.

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Not sure.

by virgo_11 In reply to If you knew different you ...

Hey Tony,
i didnt say u were wrong. but if i wud have been so sure than i didnt ask u. Also i want to give effort, but in minimal time. i was so confused regarding this. anyways now i am decided to learn .NET whatever the result in the future will be.


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Pick up one of 'em shouldn't be too hard to 'get' the other

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Java or .NET as a whole.

Java with some sniffs of Delphi was in the forefront of the minds of the boys who designed CSharp. I went from competent in Delphi to not a total knobhead in .Net in 2 - 3 weeks.

Forget minimal time, learned does not feature in I am learning to program, nearest application of past tense is started learning.
Get one of the books on the .net framework as well, read that first then choose C# as your first language, then read a book on that, then have a go at something (not too ambitious), then read both books again, rinse and repeat. If you get stuck ask here. More than few .net guys here C# VB and ASP, a few java ones as well if you change your mind.
Best of luck.

Not directed at you, but
When you get to forms do a better one than TR did for this f'ing site with a silent h
Meant to be a f'ing reply again!

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