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Java question

By webservant ·
I'm considering taking a Java coarse and then certification. Do I need to have knowledge of a programing language, like C or C+, or can I learn Java without any programing language?

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Java question reply

by foxy2_angel In reply to Java question

It would benefit you in the long run, if you did learn C+. Today you would be better off taking C+, cause java is based on C+. The two languages are very similar, but java is alot smaller. I took java, and it was much easier to learn being I had already taken C & advanced C, but I wish C+ would've been offered at the time. *s*

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Java Question Reply

by kmartinez In reply to Java question

You can learn Java without any previous programming language, so if that's what you're interested in, that's what you should take. (C++ and Java are somewhat similar, and C++ in my opinion is more difficult.)

It is much easier to learn Java if you have taken some type of programming class in the past, since you'll already understand the basic concepts of programming.

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