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    Java Script Error…Unspecified Error


    by ankh associates ·

    I have received a Java Script Error…..Unspecified Error when I visit a certain email website. I can view my emails however I can’t compose, forward or reply to any emails. I’ve checked the internet options and they seem to be fine. I believe it is something with the proxy settings. Can anyone help with this?

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      Download SUNS latest Java

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Java Script Error…Unspecified Error

      Visit and download thier Java.

      If you are using MSVM, it is no more.

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        Maybe Web Site script code error

        by harun ·

        In reply to Download SUNS latest Java

        May be;

        1. Your web site source code is incorrect.
        2. Mispelled script command or syntax error.
        3. Your browser version is not support for this web site

        Test with another browser.

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        Still not working

        by slrqvk ·

        In reply to Download SUNS latest Java

        Have exact problem. Downloaded, but the blank box w/the red x still there when I try to compose, reply, forward the email using Outlook. I am using Window Vista. Please guide step by step on how to fix this. THANKS!

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