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    Java to electronics


    by sliky74 ·

    i wanted to ask if java program can be used to run electronics execept computers. that is can someone write a program in java and then create an electronics that the program will control. for example the line and the GSM phones. the phone can’t work without the line and vice versal.

    is a chip made out of a program? can java program be made into chips that could run its own electronics?

    please i wrote a programme in the computer with java, but its function was not for the computer. Another electronics has to be created expecially for the program. i wanted to know if one could make a program into a chip, create a device that when ever the chip is inseted into the device it then function as programmed.

    please i want u to send my asnwer to my email becouse since am new to ur site i dont know hor to check ur displayed mail.or maybe u can explain it with this question


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      by mikex ·

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      Java support on RIM devices eventually will come via Java 2 Micro Edition, Mobile Information Device Profile, or, in Java lingo, simply J2ME MIDP. For now, RIM provides a Java Developers Kit that supports a custom application model that differs from the J2ME MIDP specification. This allows developers to get started with Java applications on BlackBerry with a minimal amount of tweaking required when the MIDP-compliant BlackBerry environment is available. But fear not: RIM has announced that Java will become the core platform on all RIM devices. Current plans are to augment J2ME support with vendor-specific classes to handle user-interface idiosyncracies, a wireless radio interface and other platform-specific extensions. These additions will be clearly delineated by including proprietary classes within the net.rim.device package from the core J2ME offering so developers can still use J2ME to build fully cross-platform applications.

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