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    Java Video Tutorials?


    by obiwaynekenobi ·

    I am pretty decent with ASP.NET (primarily C#) development, but I want to broaden my horizons and pick up some Java/J2EE/JSP to expand my resume. Aside from little differences I know the basics of Java as I know C#… however, the main way I learned programming with .NET was via the video tutorials at, which I have a lifetime membership with, and via MSDN webcasts.

    Does anyone know of any similar resources for Java? I don’t want to have to spend hundreds on supposed video training. I also learn better from watching video demos than reading text and copying/pasting. I have yet to see any Java webcasts and videos like Microsoft has for .NET.. do these even exist?

    Many thanks!

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      RE: Java Video Tutorials?

      by 1180micro ·

      In reply to Java Video Tutorials?

      Java was my chosen primary programming language in school but low and behold, my employer does not use it at all for development work. Having missed the language and it’s elegance, I found the following site to refresh the basic concepts and syntax.

      Very good in how it presents the information with great examples to download.

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      I share your pain sir. I really do

      by jrl21 ·

      In reply to Java Video Tutorials?

      Man you certainly are right about that. I can’t find a darn thing out there except one out there from this kid who has a few free basic tutorials up for viewing, but the rest you must pay for. Man can a developer get a break with some easy online video. They make videos of everything else. That’s my gripe. Like you I don’t always like to read through long tutorials. I think you’ll be able to find something on the sun website. They have some network where they do videos on the latest java news. I’ll check up on it.
      I just had to reply because that’s the problem I found a while ago. We developers deserve a break from reading, as after reading so many lines of code we can really use some video tutorials where we can relax some.

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      Here it is Sir

      by thedudeminds ·

      In reply to Java Video Tutorials?

      you can also pay a flat 30 dollars and get unlimited video training for all their other shit. Its awesome.

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      Java-o-matic – Java video tutorials

      by curtisf14 ·

      In reply to Java Video Tutorials?

      I am starting to put Java tutorials online on They are free and will always be free, so please let me know if you think they are helpful.

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      Videos on Java.

      by gbmetallica ·

      In reply to Java Video Tutorials?

      Can we watch the video Tuts for free at

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      These are free Java Tutorials.

      by hemanthjava ·

      In reply to Java Video Tutorials? – A very good site for various technical tutorials on video. It has extensive list of technical subjects including various programming languages, databases, softwares, hardwares etc.

      Used quite a few personally and liked them a lot.

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      Learn Java Programming through online video tutorial

      by imtarun ·

      In reply to Java Video Tutorials?

      visit to watch video’s tutorial on java and you will find more video tutorial on other languages.

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      Java online video tutorials

      by jirka pinkas ·

      In reply to Java Video Tutorials?

      Newest addition to Java online video tutorials:

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