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Java Vs Zope,Python

By saurabhambekar ·
I am a J2EE programmer and about to start learning zope and python. can anybody who knows both j2ee and Zope, tell me some comparative study of these technologies? i would like to know that can Zope and Python entirely replace J2EE? do they have that potential? people around have been saying lot of things about zope (mostly good)...if its really so good why people are not using it on large extent and for large projects....

A real professional and technical answer on this issue would be appreciated....

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by novos40-zdnet In reply to Java Vs Zope,Python

Strictly speaking these two technology stacks can not be directly compared. J2EE is more of a standard and Zope+Python are more of a tool box. Overall Zope+Python provide a very nice and elegant environment to design and implement something fast. You will still need something for your back end like DCOracle to connect to Oracle DB from Python.
There is one big drawback though. Unfortunately, Python does not scale very well. It is not inherent to Python itself, but some of binary modules would use global interpreter lock creating a major bottleneck. If you can avoid using those modules then you'll probably be fine, but in our case we had to port everything in Java eventually. This being said I would not recommend to use J2EE either. This does not scale for another set of reasons (inherently bad design as a main issue) and there are much better choices out there.
Hope it helps.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Java Vs Zope,Python

Yes they can entirely replace J2EE. But they only reason to do that would be because they are free. Java is mainly used because it runs on anything and sun supports and builds the java runtime environment, python requires its own equivalent runtime environment. More stuff to install on a users PC. IF you don't mind re-inventing the wheel (so to speck) use zope and python. Nothing wrong with java. It probably doesn?t get used for projects because it does not get enough exposure or advertising or marketing. It's just seen as one of those free applications that you have to spend hours/days configuring.

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