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JavaScript 2.0

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
While there is no scheduled date for this release, Mozilla has an experimental proposal for JavaScript 2.0 available on their Website.

What features would you like to see added to JavaScript?

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Case insenstitivity

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to JavaScript 2.0

would be the biggest productivity boon.

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Planned and unplanned features

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to JavaScript 2.0

After a quick review, I like the operator overloading/overriding; it strikes me as cleaner than the current work-around. While this may sound a little grandiose for a scripting language, multi-threading and call-backs work really make my day.

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Multi threaded javascript

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Planned and unplanned fea ...

Oh boy can't wait for the IE implementation, masses of malware at the same time

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Multi threaded javascript

What can I say, I like chaos.

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Must be the strange attractor

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Multi-threaded
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Mozilla's proposal for JavaScript 2.0

by MaryWeilage Editor In reply to JavaScript 2.0

Here's the link to Mozilla's experimental proposal for JavaScript 2.0:

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