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    Javascript bug or Netscape 6.2 bug?


    by james_butterfield ·

    Within my HTML form I have a three select boxes that are holding the current date, one for year, month and day. I am using the selected parameter within my option tag, so my proper date will show. Ok, now at the end of my HTML, I am calling a javascript function I am making to recall these selections I just made. I am using something like: document.formname.sel_name.selectedIndex for each of the 3. However, the return value I am getting is zero??? Anybody seen this yet?

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      Not quite either one i think

      by talkingstone ·

      In reply to Javascript bug or Netscape 6.2 bug?

      Just taking a stab at it, are you trying to execute that line of javascript inline with the html body?

      If so, this is correct behaviour because the current document state is not available until afer the document loads. An onLoad=someJavascript in the body tag I think will give you what you want.

      Good luck.

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