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    Javascript errors


    by alamokid ·

    Every time I enter a graphichs page on Internet Explorer I receive a Java error. I am wondering if I need to load some other program, or just why I always receive the statement “Opening page but with errors” Any suggestion or fix would be appreciated

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      Re: Javascript errors

      by mark ·

      In reply to Javascript errors

      Does this happen on EVERY page you visit with graphics? – If it is just a small selection, then it is likely that the pages themselves have Javascript errors in them!

      You can supress these messages in IE by selecting Tools -> Internet Options, clicking the ‘Advanced’ Tab, and unchecking “Display a notification about every script error”

      Hope this helps!

      Mark Harrington,
      Creator, The WebWizard HTML Editor

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      Javascript Errors?

      by aj ·

      In reply to Javascript errors

      Did you find a solution? I have the same problem.



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