Javascript framework for tax calculator

By fery1 ·
Hi all, this is my first post here so please bear with me. I'm quite excited about learning JavaScript, and the first project that I'd like to do is a tax calculator similar to this one (obviously not as complex :) )

Could anyone please recommend a good way to get started with this? Maybe use a framework like jQuery, Angular, or should I go with plain JavaScript?

Also, how long would it take me to learn the skills to create a basic tax calculator?

Many thanks in advance.
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Best framework for tax calculator

Angular, jQuery and JavaScript all are good to develop tax calculator, but all are different in some ways:

Angular: It is best and running in trend to develop a single page application like tax calculator
jQuery: Application development on this framework has slow speed as compared to Angular
JavaScript: In this we have to write more code and its speed in slow from both Angular and jQuery

So it's best to develop a tax calculator on Angular framework.

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More examples

by thencein10 In reply to Javascript framework for ...

I've noticed it's been a few months since your last posting. I was wondering how you are doing with learning more languages? I agree with FineSoft's post, Angular is likely to be the best way to go for something like this.

Also - this tax calculator is even more advanced than the one you posted, you may find it useful in getting some ideas on how to progress!

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Best JS Framework for tax calculator

by victoria12martin In reply to Javascript framework for ...

I recommend you to use AngularJS as it has great module development features that allow you to easily inject dependencies in components. In layman terms, dependency injection is passing on one object (service object) to another object (client object). For example, in a tax calculating app, instead of hard-coding tax slab rates you can create a dependency that is responsible for tax rates and passing these dependencies to calculator components. Let me share with you the link to complete article if that helps:

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