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I have a Win2k server with IIS 6.0.

I am trying to develop a site with HTML.

I need a script to execute a query using command prompt in the server.

interface----> click-->(send user input as script)---->open cmd prompt in server --->(execute to create a text file)--> display in client.


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IIS 6.0 in Win2k Server???

by Mehul Bhai In reply to JAVASCRIPT in SERVER

IIS 6.0 is on Win2k3 Server. Win2k Server has IIS 5.0. Please check your Server.

Edit: I would like to mention the following:
WinNT4.0 (Sever/Workstation) --> IIS 4.0
Win2k (Server/Professional) --> IIS 5.0
Win XP --> IIS 5.1
Win2k3 --> IIS 6.0
Win2k8 --> IIS 7.0

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Hmm, you need to learn the technology a bit better

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to JAVASCRIPT in SERVER

The client makes a request to input, e.g clicks on a link.
The server sends back a web page which can include some scripts to run on the client.
The client submits the data, the server catches that does it's processing then sends the result back .

Given you are using IIS, the tech to process the input and produce the output would be ASP, as that's what it does best easily. I doubt you are up to the level of knowledge to do WinCGI or ISAPI.

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