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    Javascript menu won’t work with Netscape 7.1


    by terry ·

    login: netscape
    password: netscape

    The menu “My Free Options” is a javascript menu that doesn’t work in this new Netscape browser. I’m more of a designer than programmer, and I could really use some help on this. Any ideas?

    Thanks everybody,


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      Close, but just a little off

      by i_am_whopper ·

      In reply to Javascript menu won’t work with Netscape 7.1

      This page is very well written, and is just a little off. I have a couple of recommendations. First, within the Netscape portion of the branching logic in the showMenu() function (in the amenu.js file), the code is setting left and top values on a LAYER element, but within the page the dropdown menus are declared as DIV elements. So the values are not being updated on the dropdown menu.

      One possible change for the Netscape 7.1 part of the script would be:

      menuDiv = document.getElementById(theName); = Xpos; = Ypos;

      This will work for any browser that implements the current W3C standards. For more info and a set of good examples, check out:

      The next thing I saw was the populating of the Left and Top coordinates. The showMenu() function is called before the clickHandler() event. This is accounted for in the script for IE versions of browsers, but not for Netscape 7.1.

      Hopefully this helps.

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