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Javascript & SSL

By russ ·
Wondering if anyone can help! I am running a javascript shopping cart and want to make the checkout page secure. However on the checkout page I need to call the javascript so as to show the order the customer has made. This works fine without using SSL but when running the page through a SSL the code calling the script dosen't seem to work and the order info dosen't get drawn onto the page. As this is the page that is submitted to the shopkeeper as thr final order it is imperative that the order info is captured on this page.
Any answers? Hope this is written clearly!

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variable tracking

by shelleydoll In reply to Javascript & SSL

When you deploy an SSL server, it has the effect of being a separate website because it is running on a different port. You need to pass your variables to the new page through some means other than a cookie or session, such as writing them to a temporary file or database table, and then retrieve them on the secure page.

Hope that helps!

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by russ In reply to variable tracking

Thank you. Your reply has been the most concise I have had and I can see my problem!
Would it be too much to ask how to write them to a tempory file as the database road sounds a bit more involved!


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by rzul_77 In reply to Javascript & SSL

I am wondering how to obtain the values from a Cookie from one page and display the values on another web page. I am developing a shopping cart web-site. Could you please send me the codes to my email? Your help is highly appreciated.

Best Wishes,
Mr Zul

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