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By harmstrong ·
Is it feasible to have javascript:open.window()within a javascript popup script (using overlib)? I've tried using the \ to delimit the ' of the second javascript, but I keep receiving an "Undetermined string constant" error.

This is the script so far ...

<img src="graphics/rum_site3.gif" usemap="#rum_site3" border="0" WIDTH="630" HEIGHT="308"><map name="rum_site3">

<a href="javascript:void(0);" onMouseOver="overlib('Click
<a ref="javascript:window.open

Rumevite Original</a> onMouseOut="nd()">
<area name="Rumevite" alt="Rumevite Plant" shape="polygon" coords="263,46,300,63,300,81,335,97,336,114,288,131,259,116,256,95,207,70,243,47"></a></map>

I think I've got the syntax wrong!!!!

Any help would be gratefully appreciated - many thanks - Helen

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Try this

by Sparkytd In reply to javascript:open.window

<a href="javascript:void(0);" onMouseOver="overlib('Click <a href=\'javascript:window.open(\'http://www.rumenco.co.uk/MerchantLinkTest/ProdRange.a sp?pid=3\',\'\',\'width=200,height=200\')\'>Rumevite Original</a>')" onMouseOut="nd()"> test</a>

The biggest problem was your " and " at the inner href, that was barfing... so i replaced them with single quotes. I didn't get the unterminated string error, so lemme know if that helps

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