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JCitizen: Anything that can be put into code, is inherently, "simple",

By dogknees ·
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by dogknees In reply to JCitizen: Anything that c ...

What about those that are too complex for a human brain to comprehend?

Remember Turing. All computational systems are equivalent. It doesn't matter whether it made from silicon, from meat, or any other substance. It doesn't matter whether it's digital or analogue. There are absolute limits to what is possible for literally any machine. Technology might increase the speed or make the coding easier, but it can never surpass these limits.

So, the algorithm that is you is just an algorithm like any other. Now, it's one that may be far too complex to be understood by a human, but it's still an algorithm. It's a matter of degree not of possibility or impossibility

Remember, just because an algorithm hasn't been found that does some particular thing or another doesn't mean there isn't one. It just hasn't been figured out yet. And that's likely be the case for ever as there will only ever be a finite number of intelligences in the universe and we can therefore only do a finite number of things.

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Well said...

by JCitizen In reply to Algorithms

and if anything I stated conflicted with your points, I wasn't communicating properly. I try to keep my posts short and to the point. At any rate, I am still impressed with IBMs accomplishments. I am not a newbie to this science, as I am a robot and computer numeric control technician. So it isn't like I'm just a Joe Sixpack off the street.

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J, I think that was aimed at Adornoe's post...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Well said...

that's how the "take offline" feature works; it gets the same title as the targeted post, the one it is a reply to.

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I guess I still don't get it Ansu...

by JCitizen In reply to J, I think that was aimed ...

what did I do wrong?

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I think nothing...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I guess I still don't get ...

At least dogknees is correcting Adornoe, not you.
As for what Adornoe meant... **** if I know. I've made my view of his views clear on many occasions - although these days I try to take each new meeting from scratch... negative expectations are just too tiresome.

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by dogknees In reply to I guess I still don't get ...

Not you. As others have said, take offline is a pain.


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I finally see my mistake...

by JCitizen In reply to Ansu

please understand that my senses are dulled by my heath defects, and I can now see that Ansu thought I was answering a previous poster. He was right, but I might as well let my blemish stand, as I can't help my condition anyway. I suppose I will eventually be known as that "crazy one" on Tech Republic!

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Crazy One, do you copy?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I finally see my mistake. ...

Crazy Five calling Crazy One, over...

J, only the crazy ones are worth a damn!

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HA! Thanks Ansu!!...

by JCitizen In reply to I finally see my mistake. ...
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I think it might be more problematic than that...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Algorithms

The algorithm that is a person? The mathematics that algorithm is written in might not have been discovered yet.

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