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JCitizen: if you try Online Armor

By JCitizen ·
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Sorry for taking so long to respond..

by JCitizen In reply to JCitizen: if you try Onli ...

I been so busy since Aug 2008 I can't even remember why. It turned out Online Armor was not available for Vista x64 which is what my honeypot runs on, so I never got experience until my clients started using it on Win 7. I'm very impressed with it, but it is completely silent, and Comodo Defense +, while being noisy, does a better job if you want to know what is going on. Also Comodo works harder to allow DRM modules for Media Center PCs, so those legal spies can do their work.

Defense + does a better job of identifying the file that is initiating the alert, and gives extra information about it on the alert to help make the determination about legitimacy. When I used Tea Timer, I always assumed I better be doing some installing or I better not see it initiate. So I had to inadvertently block some programs and end up unblocking them later when something doesn't work. BTW - Spybot Search and Destroy is FINALLY coming out with a new version 2.0!! The beta is already released!

The only problem is that Defense Plus must work near the kernel layer, because I notice it sometimes conflicts with other solutions that work in that space, or security solutions that use sandboxes, like Chrome or Avast 6.

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Oh, hai!

by seanferd In reply to Sorry for taking so long ...

I've stopped using OA pretty much since Tall Emu stopped development and sold it to Emsisoft. Emsisoft isn't a house I'd really disparage, I'm just no longer terribly interested in the OA offering any longer. I still keep the last Tall Emu version around, but I don't really use it any more.

Good news on SS&D! I haven't used that much lately, either, but I've never kept it resident. It is still an awesome little secutrity app, though.

What is really weird is that I found your post in the WC, and 6 days after the fact. I'm glad I did see it, though. Thanks for the info!

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