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jdclyde turns the big 4-0!!!

By gadgetgirl ·
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Hey all!

Just wanted to give a heads-up and make sure I get as much blush-factor out of this as I can!

Our very own jdclyde hits the ripe old age of 40 tomorrow!

Just remember, jd, this is where LIFE REALLY BEGINS!!!

All the very best, babz - hope you have a wonderful day with the boys.


Lotsa love


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Happy Birthday, JD!!

by maecuff In reply to jdclyde turns the big 4-0 ...

And you look so good for your age. Almost life like.


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that is almost

by jdclyde In reply to Happy Birthday, JD!!

as funny as the last time I heard someone say that.....

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Happy Birthday JD

by DadsPad In reply to jdclyde turns the big 4-0 ...

Think you are getting older? Look how long you still have to retirement. :^0

Enjoy all the attention.


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Dear Dad

by jdclyde In reply to Happy Birthday JD

I think I would get bored if I retired....

Old? Your only as old as the one you feel! B-)

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Hippo Birdies, two ewes!

by Tig2 In reply to jdclyde turns the big 4-0 ...

And of course I wish JD TWO ewes. One will never be enough!

Not that there is anything wrong with that...

Love ya, man. You know I do.

Be nice to have this kind of info early enough to send a card, maybe a pressie. But NO! I had to learn about it through GG, who we all trust to rat you out!

Hope you have the time of your life. You only get to do this once!

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Working on it Tig

by jdclyde In reply to Hippo Birdies, two ewes!

I am sober enough from last night to drive now, so it is time to go out for the night again.

heading out to play some darts tonight. seemed like the thing to do.

ewes? But I already have a date for tomorrow! ]:)

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Happy birthday, young'un

by neilb@uk In reply to jdclyde turns the big 4-0 ...

Trust me in this, it is all downhill from here. Good luck, mate!
<img src="">
So, what are you going to do to celebrate? **** some poor defenceless animal to smithereens? Or maybe a poor defenceless Democrat...

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You know Neil

by jdclyde In reply to Happy birthday, young'un

If you had said "Some poor dumb animal", it would have been the same either way!

Bar hopping last night, and going to the pub to throw in a dart tournament tonight.

Took the boys out for lunch and then had a nice nap (since GG woke me up so early).

Down hill? I am doing better than I have in a decade, so I am either to well self medicated or just not doing it right.

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I remember 40; don't I?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to jdclyde turns the big 4-0 ...

And that's 101000 in binary, or 28 in hex.

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Ahh. But how old are you

by Tig2 In reply to I remember 40; don't I?

In octal?

Me? 54. Look damn good too!

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