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Jerky Audio/Video Playback From CDRs

By emetic1 ·
I have Windows 2000 Advanced Server, running a P3, with ATI Rage XL PCI. Audio and video saved to my hard drive play just great, but from a CDR or CD, forget it! Nothing but jerks and jumps and skips all over the place!
What could be causing this? (I have no conflicts, either.)

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Jerky Audio/Video Playbac ...


Have you tried turning on DMA for your CD drive? Do you also have the latest drivers installed for your drive and other hardware? And, is your OS fully patched and up to date?

Good luck

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by ManISKid In reply to Jerky Audio/Video Playbac ...

Have you installed the hard-disk and cd-rom on the same cable, this is not recommended for the reason you described. Get another cable, the motherboard will have another slot for the additional cable.

Also, upgrade the cables to ata2 (with the blue connectors) if you haven't already. These support higher transfer speeds.

The CD-rom may also be dated, thus not enough speed to keep up?

The amount of RAM and CPU power to keep the whole process going may not be enough. I would recommend more ram if you have less than 256 simply because its kinda cheap for p3's these days.

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