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    jetadmin appl ( configuer printers )


    by ghassans ·

    i work with the XonNet Appl to connected to the Unix ( 11.0 ) Machen from my Pc .
    i used the jetadmin appl befor that i configerd my DISPLAY with the Command : export DISPLAY=xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx:0.0
    i get this masseg and i configerd my XonNet withthe graphic and fonts ….
    the masseg is :
    1) Configuration (super-user only):
    – configure printer, add printer to spooler

    2) Diagnostics:
    – diagnose printing problems

    3) Administration (super-user only):
    – manage HP printer, JetDirect

    4) Administration (super-user only):
    – manage JetAdmin

    5) Printer Status:
    – show printer status, location, and contact

    ?) Help q) Quit

    Please enter a selection (q – quit): 5
    /opt/hpnp/bin/jetadmin[18]: 9783 Memory fault(coredump)
    Keyboard Control:
    auto repeat: on key click percent: 0 LED mask: 00000000
    auto repeating keys: ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff
    bell percent: 70 bell pitch: 735 bell duration: 100
    Pointer Control:
    acceleration: 2/1 threshold: 4
    Screen Saver:
    prefer blanking: yes allow exposures: yes
    timeout: 300 cycle: 180
    default colormap: 0x21 BlackPixel: 0 WhitePixel: 16777215
    DPMS has not been enabled for this X Server
    Font Path:
    D:/XOnNet/fonts/misc,D:/XOnNet/fonts/75dpi,D:/XOnNet/fonts/hpr875,(Windows Font)
    Bug Mode: compatibility mode is enabled

    “xset” command fails. Cannot display DeviceMonitor.
    Display text status.

    Enter the network printer name or IP address (q – quit):

    pls help

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      jetadmin appl ( configuer printers )

      by infosecgeek ·

      In reply to jetadmin appl ( configuer printers )

      Maybe your Xclient software is not working well, I had some problems with XOnNet so I started to use X-Win32 which is a smaller program that can be downloaded at htp://, the only limitation
      it has is that sessions are limited to 2 hours, but that is enough to perform almost any task I would perform though XWindows.

      Does your JetAdmin run well from the console
      of the Unix machine? because if it is not running well, the problem does not have anything to do with your Xclient and you should check with HP if your OS version if fully supportted.
      Try to get the latest version of JetAdmin that supports your exact OS version.



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        jetadmin appl ( configuer printers )

        by ghassans ·

        In reply to jetadmin appl ( configuer printers )

        Ok i checked at the console machine realy it’s not work , but i have 20 servers all of them it’s work fine and all of them the same Ver. and the same size and the same OS it’s Unix 11.0 the servers is HP.
        can u help

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