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JetDirect can't login to novell 4.11 ser

By wthino ·
We tried several diff Jet Direct 500x's and they still can't login into the LAN. On the Jet Direct printout, the comment is "NDS error: cannot login"
Already tried recreated NDS printing objects, reseting the password, reseting the Jet Direct, and even updating it's firmware. We're running SP 6a. Anyone help!!

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JetDirect can't login to novell 4.11 ser

by rogerndgreen In reply to JetDirect can't login to ...

First of all, have you ever had this model of JD working on your LAN? If not, is there a reason you cant up Netware to SP8? (I'm running 6a myself, but there are later SPs)
I'm assuming that you have a valid reason to stay on the older patches. So, is the JD firmware revision J.08.20 ? Earlier versions had problems connecting to Netware servers (usually only in RPRINTER mode, but Queue servers could happen).

Next thing to check is frame type. Are your print & file servers using the same frame type?

Have you tried connecting a PC to the cable you are using for the pserver? This could be faulty (and the obvious faults are too easy to overlook!)

This print server is a 10/100 model, right? What type of network connection is it connected into? Some hubs/switches are notorious in "forgetting" what they should be, and won't reset to auto-negotiate unless you power cycle the switch (3Com springs to mind here!)

How have you created the NDS objects? I *always* use NWadmin tocreate all the print

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JetDirect can't login to novell 4.11 ser

by wthino In reply to JetDirect can't login to ...

This is the first JD on our LAN and we can't goto SP8. The firmware was downloaded from HP a few days ago, so it must be current. Frame types are the same and local printing works. Switched was powered down and we've recreated NDS several times.
We now have the JD up in BINDERY mode, but still won't login. Any ideas? NE one? thanks for you help tho.

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