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Jimmy Jam is taking a snow day B-)

By jimmy-jam ·
Well once again the weather forecast was way off only this time it was in the opposite direction. A few times this winter they promised larger quantities of snow and we got virtually nothing. This time we were only supposed to get 1 - 4" and at 8:30 EST I had 6 inches and it is still snowing... hard.

I can't remember the last time I took a snow day but as I didn't have much going on at the office I decided to play hooky and open up a playground

Anybody else stuck at home today? Anybody else glad they don't live where they have to worry about it?

edit: cause my browser freaked out on me and my typing was all screwy

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two words

by jck In reply to Jimmy Jam is taking a sno ...

$crew You! :^0

i'm at the office. I wish I lived farther north. my friend texted me. 2 inches of snow where she lives in alabama.


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ha ha

by jimmy-jam In reply to two words

Actually I would prefer to be at work and in a sunny location but it is what it is.

I heard Alabama got snow. D@mn global warming

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big misnomer

by jck In reply to ha ha :p

Too many people think that the only side effect of "global warming" is rise in temp.

The elevated heat levels overall...contribute to major temp swings both ways and erratic weather patterns.

I am just waiting for the day we get stuff like in that "Day After Tomorrow" movie.

-150F...brrrrr :^0

BTW...wanna trade houses? lmao :^0

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Still wanna trade houses?

by jimmy-jam In reply to big misnomer

It's 8 degrees and the wind is blowing. The wind chill isn't -150F but it is still pretty dang cold.


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tell ya what

by jck In reply to Still wanna trade houses?

get a house in North Carolina near Asheville, and you got a matter how cold it is.

Florida has gotten tiresome.

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How 'bout Simpsonville, SC

by KSoniat In reply to tell ya what

I got a house for sale in Simpsonville, SC.
26 acres, 4 BR 2.5 BA Custom.
Deer in backyard daily -- not to mention occassional turkey, fox etc.

'Cept I don't want to go to FL.
Only an hour from Asheville.

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Oh I wish!

by jck In reply to How 'bout Simpsonville, S ...

If I had the cash, I'd buy it long as it's in good shape.

Plus, I'd have to find a job.

Is Simpsonville a suburb of Greenville????

I think I remember it SSE of downtown.

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Is it true

by Oz_Media In reply to ha ha :p

That Americans all live in Igloos?
That's what I hear, it is supposed to be snowing all the time and you live in igloos, sounds too cold for me in The Great White South.

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Some of us live in Tee Pees (nt)

by jimmy-jam In reply to Is it true

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