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Jinxed Users

By Choppit ·
I have long been of the opinion that certain users are 'jinxed' and will always have 'problems' with their PCs. This goes much deeper than system misconfigurations, this has more to do with the personal traits of these people. I've encountered a number over the last few years and have almost developed a sixth sense to detect them. Anyone else experienced this?

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Jinked and unaware

by ATXStranger In reply to Jinxed Users

I have a few of these at my office. I find tons of spyware and unwanted programs installed with the user telling me "well I didn't download that program" or "but I didn't download anything or go to any of those sites".

I have one user whose machine is the slowest in the company despite the fact that its just over a 1.5 years old (compared to 3 years old for most users). This same user always calls me when out of the office because of some mysterious problem with the laptop they use.

Education doesn't seem to help much and I find that you just have to coax them by however you can.

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by Loudspeak In reply to Jinked and unaware

I have at least two (out of 35) tinkerers at our office. Removed viruses from each machine last week. No matter how tight you make things they seem to circumvent. I have just made a point to check their machines every couple days to be sure they're clean.

I installed TweakUI on one user's machine because he constantly "adjusts" settings that he shouldn't. He doesn't know what to do now that the Control Panel is practically empty. </snicker>

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Educating users

by Choppit In reply to Tinkerers

I make a point of removing the control panel options for screensaver and wallpaper because I install a company standard which people used to mess with. The desktop colour and resolution etc I leave to the individual. I had one chap who repeatedly messed with his desktop settings to the point where he could no longer work. Eventually I'd had enough ,so set his wallpaper to a garish pink and removed the control panel options. After 2 weeks he (successfully) begged me to change his desktop colour. He doesn't give me problems any more.

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Slow PC or impatient user?

by Choppit In reply to Jinked and unaware

I've been pretty successful at stopping my users from installing software, but I can certainly relate to the slow PC syndrome. I have a user who frequently complained that his 1Ghz laptop was too slow and constantly crashing. Convinced that he was the problem I resisted replacing it and offered to perform (another) clean install which he refused. Eventually I gave in and replaced it with a brand new 2.6Ghz model. Guess what......

Have you every watched one of these types frantically pressing keys because the egg timer is stopping them from working.........?

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