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"job comes down to two candidates, only one of whom has the cert, "

By ron ·
I disagree and here's why...

I've seen people come into an interview that posses the CCNP but could not design a basic multi-area OSPF network with MD 5 authentication or even explain how basic VoIP is encapsulated or worse yet, write out a basic configuration for a T1 on paper.

My point is this, have the Cert is one thing, being able to log into a router and do what is asked is another. I know engineers that have worked this field for 15 years and all they have is a CCNA (that may even be expired) but they can run circles around someone who just recently obtain a CCNP or Cert.

Some people are naturally great test takers, they read a book and take a test and pass it, does that make them an Engineer?

I've had consultants who come in with MCSE / CCNP and could not write a basic spread sheet in Excel.. but they can take a test. <boggle> and yet still demand top dollar.

Bottom Line...

Hiring Managers need to look pass the Cert and see if the person can do the work being asked. The Cert should get you to the interview (or Exp and work history) the rest should be based on your skills.

Lately when I go for a position, I've been given hands on configuration exams. Where the client would put you in the lab and have you (eg) recover a 6509 that is booting in RMON> I think exams like this will yield a better consultant for the position.

Lets put an end to paper Engineers.

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by mjd420nova In reply to "job comes down to two ca ...

Those who can, do, those who can't anymore, teach, Those that can't will reveal themselves. Yes the true test is in a real world exam, not some words on a paper but hands on a keyboard or a nose in the gear.

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