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    Job description and roles in work


    by tarden76 ·

    I am a bit confused: I try to allign my career in IT (with some successes already) and found I am willing to deal with network, systems and also some support. My problem is I cannot slightly describe positions and work done in this fields. I browse job ads to be informed on requirements, but I know there is often distance between employer needs and employee (IT pro in this case) knowledge.

    So anyone with experience and knowledge could describe me these positions:
    * network admin
    * system admin
    * network engineer
    * network technician

    Is it possible to hold more than one position or do tasks originally involved by other position? I could predict two last jobs of my list are entry level (?) for network admin?
    I would like to get help from people having experience in both fields and changed job from one to another? Difficult? Just to choose one field to specialize or try to cover more?
    Right now I am on my way towards MCSA, but find network topics really interesting during Cisco Academy. Thanks in advance.
    Greetings from Europe, Jack

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