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By atulya97 ·
I am a newbie and trying to break into the networking field. I plan to give my CCNA and MCSA certification late this year or early next year. I am very interested in networking and plan to pursue my career in this field. However I have some questions:

I am interested in Administrator (type) jobs which have to deal with networking. What is the right approach that I have to take/follow to land in these kind of jobs ?

What are the issues/tasks/challenges do people in these jobs encouter every day?

Apart from having sound knowledge in networking, what other areas do I have to be strong in ?

What are the different job positions do people in this field suitable for ?

Is it really necessary give the MCSA/MCSE exams to get a job in this field ?

Compared to other IT jobs (Java, .Net, etc) how frequent are openings in these jobs ?

Appreciate your help in guiding my career path


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No offence, but it strikes me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Job Description

That you are more in love with the Job Title than in what the job actually entails.

If you have so little knowledge of what this job involves, why on earth are you dead-set on landing one of these positions?

Perhaps if you were to engage in some technical education, then sit a few exams, you might realise that you don't like this sort of work. All you seem to have achieved so far, is to fill your head with catch-words - sorry, but there's more to the job than being able to talk the talk.

Better to try to walk the walk too! :)

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