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Job : for International Traveling

By tejpalgarhwal ·
Hello Friends,

I am a software engineer for over 10 years. Going to persue MBA from next month.

What are the possibilities that i will get a job of a CTO or IT director?

What are the chances that my company will absorve me for higher post?

What are the chances to get a job for international travelling in IT?

Please suggest

Thank you

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by Black Panther In reply to Job : for International T ...

My friend

The chances and possibilities are endless. The only limitations will be the limitations that you put on yourself.

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That's a fact, Jack!! Go for it!!

by GaijinIT In reply to Endless

'subtropiicalmist' said it right.

In my Tech Republic 'handle', 'Gaijin' means foreigner in Japanese, which is where I have been working out of for more than 20 years now, 18 years as a corporate employee (for NEC's optical transmission division as a trainer), the last 2 with my own company installing digital optical fiber heat detection systems (DTS) made in Germany throughout Asia.

I firmly believe there are 2 major keys to finding the career you want to enjoy:
1. Education - college degrees are worth more outside the USA, in the USA, many times your background is enough, but in the international environment, usually people want to see some paper (I am ex-military, trained for 2 years in telecommunications, backed up with a 4-year degree in Business Management). Keep yourself up to date with the technology, not necessarily with certs (can't hurt though) but read all the trade pubs, know what's going on in your field.
2. Mobility - be willing to move to where the jobs are. If you can't find work where you live, then go live where the jobs are. In Asia, hard work is valued above all else, and being a team member is a close second. Mavericks are NOT welcome - it smacks of arrogance.

What is the best about Japan is that they recogize that different people have different talents/skill levels. As long as you honestly do as much as you can, they will value you as a good employee.

Today, the IT world is just that - it's the whole world, and the opportunities are almost unlimited if you can adjust to different cultures and enjoy traveling in your work.

I worked for 18 years as a telecom trainer for NEC, and traveleld all over the world training customers' engineers and technicians for everything to satellites to optical submarine systems with all their WAN/LAN supervisory networks, on the road no more than about 25% - 30% of the time (many times the customer sent their people to Japan, especially those from Asia), and it's easier for me to count the countries I have NOT been to than the ones I have. And I enjoyed it immensely. I was usually on-site for 2 or 3 weeks to as much as 2 months, and my wife came along (after my kid went off to college in the USA).

I would not have traded the experiences, the friends I made in different countries, the things I have seen (sunsets in Zanzibar), tasted (King prawns in chili sauce-Thailand), smelled (the open fruit/vegetable markets in almost every country), for any thing else. I probably could have saved more money, but money can't buy those memories that I will have forever.

It's true, we only get one 'go around', so get what you can out of your life. and why not let your job pay for it?? Grab it with both hands, and enjoy the ride.

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