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Job Hunting for IT people

By KhloFlo ·
I'm a senior IT person with 10+years experience. I have about 30 days before I'm laid off. I've been actively looking for work and the problem I'm running into is the opportunities that are available are either entry level or asking for very specific skill sets. Of course I'm applying to anything that I have experience in. If I do get a call or email, I'm told I am overqualified, and if it is with a recruiter, they will not even let me interview with their client. We can do the Tier 1 support gig with our eyes closed..but they won't even give you a shot since they figure you'd leave the minute a better opportunity arose. I know there are tons of us out there with strong skill sets who have been out of work for months if not over a year.I'd like to hear some of your experiences, and any advice you can offer me.
I've been with my current company over 5 years, so it's been a while since being back on the market, and of course it couldn't be happening at a worst time.

I am appalled at what employers are offering, one thing is having to adjust to making 25%, even 50% less than your currently making (which you can try to make work) But some of these rates are not enough to even live on! Employers are asking for evolved skill sets and strong education but want to pay what a teenybopper gets at the mall. Not to mention the step back career-wise.

Have any of you taken the menial pay? Have any of you considered working outside of the industry? Maybe you are working a couple of jobs?

Believe me, I have no ego at this point, I am realistic that I may not find something making my salary, let alone more. I just want to be able to live, provide the basics for myself and hunker down and tough this wave out until things get better. I will work hard regardless of the type of work, I will still take pride in it and appreciate it. Just wondering what my peers are doing out there..I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks guys!

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If you use LinkedIn...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Job Hunting for IT people

...join up with the Chicago Technology Network group. Lots of visibility with people that may be able to help you out.

Another direction I'd point you in would be to check out local health care institutions. I know for a fact that Provena and Advocate don't put tech jobs out on job boards. You have to search their sites or 'be in the know'. I'd imagine Rush, CDH and others are probably the same in that regard.

Best of luck!!

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Yep I've taken big pay cuts

by CG IT In reply to Job Hunting for IT people

Simply because unemployment doesn't pay anything and even flipping burgers can pay more than that.

Plus $$ coming in is better than no money coming in.

Bottom line, cash flow.

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