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Job Hunting in Silicon Valley - a (hopefully short) Saga

By Dimondstar1 ·
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Starting Conditions - 7/21/05

by Dimondstar1 In reply to Job Hunting in Silicon Va ...

<p>I'm an unemployed Software Engineer and Web Guru, in what is considered to be THE center of the Technical Universe.</p>
<p>All sorts of lovely egotism in that phrase, "THE center of the Technical Universe".  We who live in the Silicon Valley kinda consider that this is "Where It's At".  It's why I don't move.  I've moved out of the area once before - to Fort Worth, Texas.  The people are nice, but I was extremely miserable there - I lacked the common cultural references they all had in common and was used to operating at Internet Speed. For example, I showed up at 7AM and nobody else showed up until 9.  I adapted, but was miserable, so moved back home. Will explore this later - if it becomes relevant.</p>
<p>It's difficult to explain the Valley - especially if you grew up around here.  I remember orchards and greenhouses where there are campuses and R&amp labs.  I remember when Java was announced officially in the 'Merc as "HotJava" - after being stealthed as "Oak" for a while - I groaned, going "Oh, no, not another language!  We're still wrangling about C++"</p>
<p>It's about a climate of innovation - now sadly subdued, but still here.  We've become more cautious, since the dot-com, dot-bomb, crash.  Especially the VCs.  BOY, have they ever become conservative..........</p>
<p>It's also about trying, failing, and trying - again and again.  For six months, this past year, I tried to get a braintrust going in my job-hunt group, to serve for innovation.  Didn't succeed, a lot of us have lost the "fire in the belly" that used to make us great innovators. A lot of us have moved out of the area, having family to support, and no jobs to support them with.  Some of us have gone back overseas where we came from originally, and started new centers of innovation in China, India, Pakistan, etc, etc.  Maybe we're like a dandylion - the flower is dead, but the seeds have started new plants far and wide.</p>
<p>I'd like to think that we're more like a banked fire - that can become a roaring blaze under the right conditions. I was born in this area, and I don't intend to move.  I'm gonna stay here, and fan the blaze - feed the fire, if only currently with straw and chaff - and only leave when carried out to the cemetary.</p>
<p>I'm living on very little right now. I'm 'lucky' enough to have a damaged body from military service, so I get a disability pension.  It covers my rent - with a roommate.  It covers basic phone service, and electrical service that I pay for.  It doesn't cover everything I need, like diabetes medicines, so I do without.  </p>
<p>I'm surviving. </p>
<p>I work 3 hours a week at the local food bank, and get groceries for 2 weeks.  Bless Second Harvest for their Partners in Need program.  I'll work - I'm very bad, being prideful, about just receiving help. Blessed Creator help me, if I need Major Medical though.  I've lost a lot this past 18 months of being off work - my car, my storage...........</p>
<p>I'm surviving.</p>
<p>And maybe that's the key, here in Silicon Valley.  Fate can strip up of out 'toys', our pride, our health........</p>
<p><strong>But we don't quit.  <em>WE</em> survive - somehow</strong>.</p>

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