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Hi .
My name is Ramon, IT director. I am about to post this ad in the Washingtonpost.
Please, if anyone is interested, please send me resume to

Join our IT team and expand your network skills. Great entry-level opportunity with a large real estate settlement company located in Rockville, Washington DC. You will provide user and network support for multiple locations. Must be able to communicate positively and effectively with all levels of staff and be capable of performing well in a demanding and environment.

Experience with:
? Windows 2000
? Active Directory
? Veritas backup
? Norton Enterprise
? Experience with MS Exchange and MS SQL server a plus.

Salary Range is mid forties commensurate with experience. Terrific benefits

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Way to go!

by Oz_Media In reply to JOB OFFER. WASHINGTON DC

Although I don't live in the area wouldn't move, I think it's REALLY cool that you have posted your offer here, well done.

You also have asked for realistic qualifications for the position, and stated your salary up front.

Now if only we could get the rest of the world to follow your lead.


Hope you find the right person for the job.

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Too bad..

by ObiWayneKenobi In reply to JOB OFFER. WASHINGTON DC

Too bad I don't have the money to relocate, that sounds like it's right up my alley (don't have exp with Veritas and Norton, though I do know SQL Server pretty well and have dabbled a bit in Exchange). Oh well.. if only there were opportunities like that where I live! :)

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There are Wayne

by Oz_Media In reply to Too bad..

80% of jobs available are not advertised. Pick companies, study their company online, call and get the name of the BOSS NEVER EVER deal with HR, have a written list of your experiences (in brief) and how YOU can provide what they need. Customize a PROPOSAL, not a cover letter or resume, you can deal with that (resume) at your interview.

Ask people to meet with you, it's not as hard and impossible as SOME people think it is, you will be surprised, maked that STUNNED by the reception you get. People will be happy to meet you, ask them for help, as them if they know OTHER people who would benefit from your skills. THIS is networking, not weekly meetings with peers, not the internet, not the newspaper.

I have a feeling you have based your statement of a poor market, on the results of recruiters (useless), newspapers, 2% success rate and what people here say about NEEDING certs, which is pure crap if you have the right skills and develop better resouces for yourself.

You WILL get 2 or 3 interviews from every 10 or 20 contats, you WILL get 1 or 2 job offers from 5 - 7 meetings. Don't APPLY, PROPOSE, that's the difference. Applications and resumes are forHR staff to wade through, proposals are what excites owners and c level employees.

I have had contacts meet me for lunch, who I was told would NEVER take my call by their own receptionists, and say "We need to find you the right company." WE, they junp onboard and HELP you, tell their other peers (which in their case are other c-level employee and owners)and you WILL get that job you want and at a MUCH higher salary than the guy next door who answered an 'ad' and got a job based on certs. When you propse to a company, they NEGOTIATE salary, it has been proven time and again, in Canada, the US and UK markets that you ALWAYS make more money when you make propsals instead of sending resumes.

Best of luck to you, and NEVER give up, or else you will only prove yourself right in saying that you CAN'T find that dream job.

Just some free advice, that costs nearly 4 grand from a career management agencies. :)

I used to teach a job finding club and was a motivational speaker for Dale Carnegie Programs, believe me, THIS DOES WORK, almost every time. IN those cases wher it hasn't it was only due to people not following through or deciding to make career choice changes in mid step.

YOu can find ANY job this way, just choose what you want to do, sales, Market development, IT team management, Network Admin etc. You pick it and you seek it. When you deal with only top level decision makers, you will find that more often than not, THEY haven't been to college , they have NO degrees, but they have drive and recognize it, as well as having a keen eye for determination and goal setting. HR is completely cluseless when it comes to these winning traits, they are stuck in the dead end role of HR afterall, they wouldn't know energy and diversity it hit smacked them in the face.

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by Jaqui In reply to Too bad..

I would be willing to move stateside, but would want Colorado ( where my wife is )

the real reason for me not applying... it's all winders stuffs.
I'm a linux person.
ferget winders it's not worth using.

( free shots for dafe2 )

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20 year old Rye only!

by dafe2 In reply to well

I nose ya like da penguin....(not yer fault LOL)......but ya nose wut yer duin & ya got an awesome sense of humour.

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by Jaqui In reply to 20 year old Rye only!

gee that sounds familiar.

a texas mickey?
after all if ya gonna drink rye, ya gotta do it right.
straight, and to extreme excess.

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by dafe2 In reply to ~l~

Haven't see one in years.................I have an old CC Texas Mickey behind the bar complete with stand, gathering loonies to support my 40's .

Only two rules when I drink - Never taint good Rye with mix & once the bottle is's to be emptied.

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by Jaqui In reply to Ha!

can't leave it to evaporate after opening.

gotta empty it.

but it's been 20 years since I've been drinking. kicked a 2 40 pounder a day habit. ( rye naturally )

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Right on Jaqui

by dafe2 In reply to yup

I understand ..... I had other 'issues' I dealt with about 20 years ago. Awesome & good for you.

Unfortunately, I just quit smoking in some good Rye is being wasted.
It's a bummer, but i'll be the one (not) wasted for awhile - I don't want to light up again.

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I went a bit further Dafe

by Jaqui In reply to yup

same time as kicked the booze, I kicked a $500/day habit of opium.

( I actually enjoyed school, cause was always drunk and stoned )

my only addictions are coffee and smokes.
neither of which I'm interested in doing anything about.

so, with a 20 year record of being clean and sober, without going to any program, I have gotten to the point where even the smell is sickening.
those addictions are completely dead.

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