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Job Placement Agencies and Success Rate

By dmayn1988 ·
Just wondering if anyone has had any recent luck securing a contract or permanent position through job placement agencies since the economic downturn? I use to get a lot of possible leads now I can hardly get one.

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Recruiters Themselves Suffering RIF

by WildIrish In reply to Job Placement Agencies an ...

Recruiters themselves suffering RIF (reduction in force). With the hiring freeze affecting many companies and organizations, recruiters experiencing a difficult time finding positions to submit candidates. However, a recruiter contacted me and stated people receive promotions, transfer, leave or die in good times and in bad times (economic), she was attempting to fill a number of technical and sales positions for various firms in the Midwest.

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Yeah right..."phantom" job !

by Pandadude In reply to Recruiters Themselves Suf ...

>>she was attempting to fill a number of >>technical and sales...
Well you know what, chances are these job are "phantom" job,...they may be there 3 second ago, you look again you don't see them..just gone like vapor...someone swear he sees them...but hey he can't "touch" them...This is the situation today in a nutshell....Yeah there are jobs that SHOULD be filled, projects that SHOULD be undertaken, but the country/economy is in a zombie state, no one or no force is in any kind of "hurry' to fill them.

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