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By dellcary ·
Whats going on, quick question. I have a job interview next week for a Tier 1 support engineer. What do I need to no as far as the duties of a Tier 1 tech. I just want to be prepared for the type of question they might ask me on the interview.

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You're applying for a job and you don't know the duties?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Job related question

If you don't know what the job entails, why did you apply for it?

Please seek employment in a field you know something about, something you're already interested in. You'll be happier, and the IT field will have one less unqualified technician.

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What industry?

by TNT@support In reply to Job related question

Tier 1 is typically the first tier above Help Desk. A call comes in to the center, the Help Desk gets first crack at it. They have their standard line of questions and discovery and they can handle helping people through the basics. Once the problem is clearly outside of their knowledge and material, they kick the call up the ladder to Tier 1. Depending on how many tiers of expertise the company has you may be expected to know a lot more than the help desk guy. Most large support centers usually have only two, maybe three tiers of support above the help desk.

To be able to help you know what questions you are likely to be asked we would need to know what industry the job caters to? A Tier 1 support guy working for Direct TV will be asked very different questions than a guy in the same position but working for BMW, or the Parks & Recreation district, etc. Please be more specific.

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I've worked Tier 1 jobs...

by KaryDavis In reply to Job related question

...and its basically about customer service.

Each company will train you to support whatever devices/software they want Tier 1 to handle, then train you how to direct all other inquiries to second tier.

If you have good CS to think cognitively and ask the right questions...Tier one is a good job to have. Technical knowledge isn't that high of a priority for Tier one in most companies, and sometimes prefer people without preconcieved ideas on how to "fix" problems. That way they can train their Help Desk people to their way of doing things.

Good luck on the interview!!! :)

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