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Job Scheduling Software

By Groovyman ·
Just wondering what others are using for job scheduling software? We are running Tivoli TWS Maestro but the licensing fees are pretty high. What other software will provide the same functionality at a resonable cost. What's good? What's bad?

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Same here

by James Schroer In reply to Job Scheduling Software

We are also using Tivoli. Not sure of the cost but would like to see what other are using also.

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Job Scheduling Sotware - Appworx

by suzanne.danis-harkness In reply to Job Scheduling Software

We use Appworx to schedule jobs. The tool is easy to use and allows for both chains and individual modules to be scheduled.

For more details see

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Same Here

by duprleo In reply to Job Scheduling Sotware - ...

We do too.... but we use Tivoli and CA Autosys.. We have Alot of Jobs!

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BMC CONTROL-M ? an IT Workload Automation Platform

by seeqjah In reply to Same Here

I have used BMC's Control-M product for over 3yrs now. I have to agree that this is the BEST scheduling tool out there today. I especially think so because they are the ONLY existing vendor with an agentless_scheduling_platform out there today. You can find more info at -,,0_0_0_2,00.html

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by evanparr In reply to BMC CONTROL-M ? an IT Wor ...

The old products haven't changed in a long time. I recently looked at Opswise, and it looks interesting.

It's completely web-based and the screen cam demos on the web site look like it's modern and pretty easy to use.

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I have seen opswise and it does look very good

by mike_paterson In reply to Opswise?

I have recently had a demo of OpsWise (having previously seen it in early beta) and it looks really good.

It is a very modern product with a great GUI and the company has people with a very good heritage in scheduling and systems management.

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File Watching in Control-M

by PhxFox In reply to BMC CONTROL-M ? an IT Wor ...

My company currently is using Control-M, however, it seems like we are using it the wrong way. We are using file watchers to kick off jobs and it is a pain. I've been trying to move to FTP watchers and had a lot of kick back from it. I am interested how you guys have been getting files?

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Redwood also noteworthy job scheduling components

by dscoville In reply to Job Scheduling Sotware - ...

We also use redwood software for our job scheduling. They have been around a while and thus cleaned up a lot of programming bugs.

Check them here:

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Top Job Schedulers

by mcunnane In reply to Job Scheduling Software

We are looking at updating our job scheduling software.

What do you think are the top 3 to 4 job schedulers in this space today ?

thanks Mike

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CA-7 on the mainframe, Autosys on the midrange

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Job Scheduling Software

We've been able to remove almost all Computer Associates software except this one.

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