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Job Search Blues Turning Angry Red

By flavorwrench ·
I really wish Microsoft would use another way to harvest personal data on prospective job seekers. The careers and Staffing website has proven to be a useless tool for my job search. I would really like to work for Microsoft in some capacity, but I am finding their system to be nothing more then a bandwidth stealing hoax to undermine the sincere and stall job seeking individuals just long enough to assure themselves that they are not missing a potential Peace Prize Laureate. The people I have discussed my frustrations with all seem to agree that I need to know someone at Microsoft to stand a chance of getting my foot in the door. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks

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Sorry but to work at MS

by zlitocook In reply to Job Search Blues Turning ...

You need to ether know someone there or be included in what they call a company joining.
I worked for MS for nine months at a large company as a (vender) I was an MS employee contracted to work at another company, who was paid by another company.
You do not want to work for MS unless if you do not care if you are let go when they are done with you.

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