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    Job search hints for Austin TX.


    by rearviewmirror ·

    I am a CCNP/MCSE with 5+ years experience currently working in Belgium. I have put my resume on the major jobs sites with no real feedback. I find this quite strange, since all we seem to hear about over here is the shortage of skilled IT workers in the US. I am interested in the Austin, TX area, so if any one knows of any hints for job hunting in Austin, please let me know. (I am a US citizen) Thanks!!!

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      Job search hints for Austin TX.

      by tbradley ·

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      Too true. While you hear about some success stories about internet job searches, even IT companies are reluctant to use them.

      Some suggestions for long distance job searches….

      1. Write or email the Austin Chamber of commerce, and ask them for a list of major corporations with sites in Austin.

      2. Find someone who would be willing to send you several weeks of the Sunday Paper(s). Even if a company may be global, most Human Resources departments would rather hire locally if they have an option, and positions are always advertised locally. I was living in San Diego, and found a position in New Orleans via this same method.

      3. Via ICQ, PowWow, or other means, get into contact with users living in and near Austin. Don’t be pushy, but let them know you’re interested in Austin. You’ll be surprised at the amount of info you can gleam from a source like this. Again, as in para 2 above, although it didn’t lead to a job, one user was a real estate agent who was willing to go the extra mile to make my transition easier.

      hope this helps

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      Job search hints for Austin TX.

      by txbluebonnet ·

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      I lived in Austin for 17yrs — even worked for Michael Dell for a couple of years.

      While the Austin Chamber of Commerce would give you some tips — mostly of those who are standing memebers of the Chamber — that would be a good start.

      Other choices would be to get hold of a phone book and look up a variety of technical companies.

      Also, Austin is full of higher education entities…. University of Texas being one of their largest. Contact the Universities/Colleges in the area to seewhat companies are looking to hire their graduates.

      Another avenue is to check out the temporary companies. They are usually on top of what companies are looking for.

      Also, begin by contacting….
      AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)
      Dell Computer Corp
      and other technological companies in the area. If they aren’t hiring right now, they may know of other companies in the area that are hiring.

      If you are truly serious about relocating to that area, I may be able to give you more specific examples.


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      Job search hints for Austin TX.

      by rearviewmirror ·

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