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Job Search in this economy

By chenz71 ·
First let me say to the gentleman from the UK that suggested I look elsewhere for employment a couple months were obviously right, and I was wrong.

I have worked in food service warehouses for the past 14 years doing your basic pick and pack, forklift driving, various clerking (which would include order processing and data entry), some inventory control, and a variable cornucopia of other warehousing tasks. Three years ago, after being turned down for a warehouse supervisor position (since the manager's younger brother had -9 years of warehousing experience on me at that point), I turned back to school and finished my Bachelors in Business with a minor in Information Technology, then proceeded towards my Masters in Information Technology Management.

I was originally looking toward a healthy career in Database Management (after a couple years of basic software or programming; working my way up to what I ultimately wanted to do), but at this point; unemployed; I can't even get a job doing desktop support.

Understandably, I have no certs, nor do I have any documented experience in the IT field. For that matter, being unemployed for a couple of months now has left me scraping for my bills. What I am leading to at this point is that I do not have the money to even buy a book, take a class, or even pay the money for a cert test even if I did think I could pass it.

Can anyone suggest my approach to my future. At this point, I am stumped, frustrated, and needing some good advice and cheering up.

Thank you for any suggestions you will provide.

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The obvious one

by highlander718 In reply to Job Search in this econom ...

would be to go back to the warehousing stuff for the time being, as it seems you do have much more experience in that area meaning somewhat more chances of finding something.

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by Shellbot In reply to Job Search in this econom ...

Sorry your having a bad time of it...

Its always hard to "break into" an area.
Can I ask, are you getting any interviews? What are you pitching yourself at? What expectations do you have?
Hate to say it, but soemtimes you have to take the worst of the worst for a few months to get on that bottom rung.

Obviously I don't know your situation and the market where you are, but things seem to be a bit tough in most areas. Hang in there and just pushing.

If need be, as others often say on here, work a bit for free for a charity or something..they may have a donors database which needs cleaning..or maybe a small data entry form get my drift..its not fancy, but gives you a chance to claim a bit of expereince on your CV.

Good luck!

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shooting for the stars

by chenz71 In reply to Ouch

Yes, i actually have had interviews for jobs from basic support to server administration. This I find odd because there is no mention of any experience doing that type of work. Mostly I get interviews for Insurance sales based on a commission. Here's what gets me; I have absolutely no experience selling anything yet every sales company wants you to sell their product, yet, I own my own computer system, networked within my home including doing all the configurations myself with the hard time I had using the network printer with a laptop; and I can't get interviews to work a support or desktop technician jobs to help people like myself.

I think one of my other problems may be the fact that I am 41 coming out of school as opposed to 22 coming out of school. A 22 yr old could still live at home and afford the worst job while he or she gets their experience, whilst I have the responsibility of a home, vehicle and all the other things that go with being a home owner with no wife and family.

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Ok well..

by Shellbot In reply to shooting for the stars

Insurance company don't care, because sales jobs are generally high turnover..and its commision based, so if you don't do ok, you don't make any money!!

When it comes to IT realted things, experience is much more important.. a lot of employers don't really care what you have at home, sorry to be blunt..but thats the way it is..
Thing is, with your qualifications, they may be thinking your overqualified for Desktop support.. I mean, put yourself in thier shoes, and your looking to fill a suppoer position and you'd prefer the guy to have a bit of experience and lets face it entry level support don't pay a lot..looking at your cv they coul dbe thinking "well, this guy will laugh at the money we paying" ??

Your kinda right..a 22 year old has less wage expectations, but unfortunetly if you really want to play in the IT game, you might have to take a hit for a year or two.
There are enough expereinced people out there trying to land decent someone with no expereince, your left with the jobs they don't want.

Don't mean to be a downer..just trying to be honest.
You might hacve to find some creative ways to sell yourself..or dig around for those "different" types of jobs..I started out my IT career in a Marketing might find some sort of position more on the business side of things..that would involve a bit of technical work..

I'm sure i don't need to say it, but don't depend on agents coming to yo with the good need to hunt around and plague them with your CV!!!!!

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It's not blunt; it's FACT

by chenz71 In reply to Ok well..

I have considered just going back to my roots temporarily (such as recommended by highlander). I have started applying for warehouse jobs close by so I don't have to drive so far, but researching the companies and making sure they are large enough to at least have a central home office (corporate) this way I can move up within a smaller company and maybe get all sorts of experience in IT. Since larger companies have separate specialties within them, I may not get the well rounded experience I need or desire.

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