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Job search strategy in networking

By jashburn ·

I need some help with my job search strategy for a job in networking in the States.

I'm from Southeast Asia. I have a Bachelor's in Electronic Engineering, and am now at the tail-end of an M.S. in Computer Science in UK. Theoretical knowledge-wise, I think I'm okay as I have taken modules such as Computer Systems Engineering and Communication Systems Engineering during my Bachelors, and a Networks module during my M.S.. However, my practical knowledge in networking is close to zero. Instead, my practical skills are more programming- and Web-based, such as Java, Perl, HTML and JavaScript, although I would prefer to get a job in networking.

My questions are:

1. What job position should I be looking at to start off with?
2. Would it be wise for me to start off as an intern in a company in the States?
3. Or to start off as a web developer, get some professional certifications, and then do a proper job search in networking?


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Job search strategy in networking

by avachon In reply to Job search strategy in ne ...

Hi, given your experience I think you have a better chance at landing a good job and getting employer support as a web developer. I think you can state in interviews that while you want to develop and maintain your web experience you also want to work on the physical end of networks (design, implementation, configuring, troubleshooting, etc.). Web knowledge will get you a job, but certifications will allow you to move to different IT sectors - for networking look at TIAcomp's net+ cert. ( as well as microsoft's windows 2000 mcse certification. Get a good job and then work on your certs; a small or medium business would welcome your breadth and desire to tackle more than one niche area. Large businesses tend to be very segmented so exploratory options may be limited. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Job search strategy in networking

by jashburn In reply to Job search strategy in ne ...

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